Black Wedding Dresses
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Black Wedding Dresses

Black wedding dresses, for most people, are equivalent to having crossed ways with a black cat on an alley somewhere. Neither will bring you bad luck. Your married life would be the sum of the your understanding of each other especially on tough times, your level of maturity, your financial stability and a whole lot other things other than your wedding gown color. Wearing a black bridal dress is actually empowering, unique and brave. Here are some black wedding dresses to die for. Pun not intended.

Black and nude shade wedding dress

Mermaid Style Tube
Black is already a slimming color so when a black textile is shaped into a mermaid style clothing, the curves will appear, almost instantly. This style of gown will accentuate your figures and make you the sexiest woman of the day. Make your bridesmaids wear white with minimal black accents so that they’ll miss on the slimming effect. Kidding. They need to wear cream white or other sorts of white in order not to drown and dull out everything with black.

Bride in Black with bridesmaids

Lacey Top
For a glamorous and vogue feel, your top could be a mixture of a long-sleeved laced top with a skintone inner lining. To promote an even more regal look, opt to go for a full floor-length skirt. Tell your makeup artist to go for a natural, nude look, but nowhere too pale. And ahhh, you’ll be exuding the Audrey Hepburn charm – effortless classic beauty.

Lacey top Black Wedding Dress

Almost Tutu Skirt
If you still want to look sassy and playful, you can have the almost-tutu textiles made for your skirt. Throw in a layer or two, each with a different shade of black to still achieve that sophistication over the dress’ mischievousness. If you can work it out, you can have a mid-back exposure. Add a medium floral detail on to it to avoid the flirty aura.

Almost Tutu Black wedding dress

Black Detailed Gown
If you don’t want to go solid black, then you might want to have a textured black cloth on top of light inner lining. Your designer will know what to do with the cloth. If the one you hired is a good one, then different textures and styles can be made from that single piece of clothing. Black is best paired with neutral and nude shades. The end result will be utter magnificence.

Black Detailed wedding Dress


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