The best dress options for a petite bride
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The best dress options for a petite bride

Sweet, dainty and ladylike, brides with a petite figure can certainly carry off their bridal gowns to perfection. Indeed, throughout films and literature, the most beautiful brides were quite on the petite side with a tiny nipped in waist, slender figure and short frame. While this sort of figure is quite easy to dress in everyday clothes, there are a few concern when it comes to the wedding gown. The bad news is that petite brides can’t slip into any gown. Fortunately, though, there is no lack of options for them to try on.

Petite bride

In fact, a common mistake is to think that since you’re petite, you will be able to pull off just about any outfit. However, while you should of course dress in any attire of your choice, there’s no reason why you can’t follow a few fashion rules that will help you look your very best on the most special day of your life. The most important thing that petite brides should remember is to steer clear from thick ballgowns, taffetas and other such fabrics.

Petite bride drowned in ballgown

Indeed, a short lady would be completely drowned in Princess-cut or Ball gowns, resulting in a rather mediocre-like look. After all, you do want to look your best on your wedding day, don’t you? So, stick to figure-hugging and flattering fabrics in the likes of cotton, lace, gauze, silk and satin. For more informal weddings, don’t hesitate to slip into a linen dress that will show off your petite frame to perfection.

Mermaid dress to create illusion of curves

Another important thing to consider is the cut of your chosen gown. Far too many brides spend their time focusing on the details and fabrics rather than the actual cut. But what most brides ignore is how easily the cuts can affect how the dress flows on you. Asymmetrical cuts, for example, will very easily lengthen your figure while making you appear much less thinner. The same goes for a V-shaped waist lined with pearls or sequins to draw attention to the contour between your waist and hips.

Tea length wedding dress

Don’t ignore the height of your dress as well: Long dresses, for example, do a great job as masquerading curves as they flow down, but, since petite brides are normally on the skinny side, it’s might not be a good idea to go for a floor-length frock. Tea-length and short wedding dresses are you best assets in this case. Ultra-traditional brides who must absolutely have their long dresses can alternatively go for mermaid wedding frocks which will instantly make them appear taller and much more curvaceous.

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