The best colors and accessories for a perfect Indian Wedding
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The best colors and accessories for a perfect Indian Wedding

Extremely grandiose and rich in colors, an Indian theme wedding is certainly not a small affair.Indeed, in some parts of India, weddings are usually held within the span of an entire week, with all the friends and families gathering at both the bride’s and groom’s place. Dancing to traditional Indian beats and intricate henna applications on the arms, hands and feet are just a few of the festivities that happen during these ceremonies.

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So, if you’re planning on having the perfect Indian Wedding, it’s quite important to familiarize yourself with the typical Indian palette and various accessories that will bring a pronounced Oriental touch to your special day. Bear in mind that sparkling red, yellow, green, orange and gold are Indian wedding colors by excellence. Indian brides, for example, are often decked up in a bright red sari with heavy gold jewelry. However, in more contemporary times, some brides are substituting the red sari for white, cream, beige, pink, turquoise or even pale lavender.

Indian brides usually favor heavy, ornate bangles

As far as the accessories go, don’t forget that Indian brides usually favor heavy, ornate bangles that go all the way up to the elbows. These bangles are readily available online and come in a variety of colors but it’s always best to go for a completely contrasting shade. This way, if you’re wearing a red and gold Indian bridal attire, try to go for gold and black bangles. A large nose loop with a chain that links the loop to your earring is another common accessory for Indian brides.

Indian bride with Henna patterns on hands

Some ladies also choose to wear a “Mang-Tika”, which is basically a chain that the bride wears on her hairline parting. This particular piece of jewel is held in place with pearled or beaded beads.
Henna application also forms a vital part of Indian weddings, with a special ceremony dedicated especially to the application process. A highly trained makeup artist comes to the bride’s place and applies henna on her arms, legs and hands while other female relatives sing and dance during the application process.

Indian wedding altar

Other than the clothes and accessories it’s extremely important to properly decorate your wedding altar. In comparison to the tall wedding arches that usually accompany white weddings, Indian altars are not unlike a stage set on an elevated platform, with two chairs or stools for the bride and groom to sit on. Don’t forget that Indian wedding ceremonies can last up to three hours so it’s important to have comfortable seats. Like everything else, the stage is very lavishly decorated with thick velvet rugs and curtains in order to bring a highly elegant and luxurious feel to the entire ceremony.


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