The best color palette for a Fall Themed Wedding
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The best color palette for a Fall Themed Wedding

One of the most spectacular seasons for a wedding, fall is all about the harmonious play between rich, deep and nostalgic colors. In fact, to keep in line with the overall nostalgic feel that fall so often brings along, many people opt for a rustic or country-chic like decor for their wedding. Of course, planning a fall wedding is no rocket science but couples have to be extremely careful about the colors that they select to highlight this particular season.

Fall wedding collage

Bear in mind that fall usually equals to golden orange hues, nuts, crisp air, berries, pinecones, dried leaves and the likes. These are therefore the main elements around which you should center your overall decorations. Never hesitate to think outside the box: just because your best friend didn’t scatter dried red leaves down the aisle when she got married doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. In fact, the more you stand out from the average crowd, the more emphasis you’re going to lay on your fall-themed wedding.

Fall wedding shoes and bouquet

Couples should also remember that there’s absolutely no need to build a backdrop from scratch. So, instead of investing a lot of time and money into creating an artificial aisle with birch trees and flowers, why don’t you go for a natural setting? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get married under the beauty of naturally fading trees and plants. In fact, an outdoor wedding in a natural setting is certainly going to bring the fall theme to the forefront. Best of all, there’s quite a big chance that fading autumn leaves are going to descend down on you as you glide down the aisle, hence enhancing the striking visual aspect of your fall wedding.

Fall themed bridesmaids dresses

As far as your bridesmaid dresses and accessories go, the easiest option is to go for intense oranges and golds with just a splash of the occasional red. While some brides can very easily don a red, orange, gold or pale yellow wedding dress, most of us can be quite hesitant about walking down the aisle in a colorful gown. In this case, don’t hesitate to dress up your bridesmaids in fall-related hues. By the same token, brides can also wear a crown of gold, red and orange flowers. Alternatively, you may also go for orange shoes and a matching orange bridal bouquet which will instantly direct your guests’ attention towards the fall theme.

Fall themed decoration for church wedding

Those of you who are planning a church wedding can very easily dress up the aisle and pews using orange and gold flowers with brown organza to wrap up the whole look. As for the reception, there’s no reason why you can’t go for a spiced pumpkin wedding fruitcake to stay in line with your fall-themed wedding. In fact, a particularly eye-catching idea would be to present the cake on a table decorated with small pumpkins, autumn leaves and pinecones.

Fall theme wedding cake and table decorations


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