The basics of wedding transportation
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The basics of wedding transportation

Planning your wedding transportation is never a boring task. In fact, it can even be considered as one of the most entertaining and stress-free aspect of the entire planning process. So, whether you want to go for a stretch limo or antique car, read on to learn the basics of wedding transportation.

Wedding limo

White or Black stretch limousines are the bridal transportations by excellence. Exquisitely elegant, tasteful and sophisticated, these cars are bound to make a stunning impression as you arrive at your wedding venue. In fact, limo packages even offer other services such as decoration and a glass of champagne for the bride and the groom to clink after the ceremony.

Wedding carriage

The good thing about limos is that you’ll have enough space for a couple of your close friends or relatives. The bad thing: they can be quite pricey and you’ll have to book it quite a few months in advance.

Vintage wedding car

Another expensive but just as elegant option is to hire or borrow a vintage car for your wedding. This is definitely the sort of car which will not only look spectacular in pictures, but, it will also add a lovely rustic charm to your special day. If you’re getting a vintage car, try to avoid over-decorating it so as not to distract from the antique-like impact.

Walking bridal procession

Of course, if you live close to the church or your wedding venue, you may even hold a walking bridal procession. In this case, however, be sure to pay close attention to the wedding forecast: you definitely don’t want to walk to the venue if it’s about to rain or snow. If it’s too sunny, don’t neglect to take a nice lace umbrella to protect yourself. A nice touch would be to have ushers or waiters walk with the bridal party and hand over cool drinks to the guests during the procession.

Bride arriving by boat

If you’re lucky enough to get married next to the sea or river, don’t hesitate to arrive by boat while your groom waits for you on shore. Ultra-romantic couples may even consider a horse-drawn carriage to drive them to and from their wedding venues. For an ultra-dreamy touch, try to find a rounded, fairytale-like carriage that will make you look like Cinderella at the ball. These can be quite expensive too- sometimes even more than limos- so, if you’re on a restricted budget, consider hiring it just for the going-away part.



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