Barbecue Wedding Ideas
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Barbecue Wedding Ideas

Planning a barbecue themed wedding? Barbecues are traditional community affairs – but it can become elegant in a pretty casual way when you carefully set the right vibe with the cute little things —like mason jars, chalkboard displays, colored wine glasses, burlap sacks, wooden boxes and checkered table cloths, wild flowers and throw in some balloons, if you please.
Barbecue weddings are wonderful, casual and relaxing. It’s about sweet intimate and cherished relationships like family and friends. Barbecue weddings are private and are usually done in a backyard. Or a barn, or maybe a nearby park. That means the guests are relaxed, comfortable and at home. You can expect barrelfuls of fan and laughter as you pass along mason jars (it definitely should be mason jars for a barbecue themed weddings) filled with fresh lemonade or iced cold beer.

Barbecue Wedding Reception
The bride can come in any kind of wedding dress she desires– frilly, short, simple, long. She can wear any pair of shoes she wants, colorful flats, wedges or a pair of funky boots. Her entourage can come gorgeously casual as well.

Barbecue Wedding Attire
Bring out the grill, and start grilling your meat – bring out your food bonanza. And grill away. Dress up your side dishes, put the cobs on skewers, your salad in small glasses, sliced fruits on sticks.Go wild in your sweet desserts too. Pick out ice cream, strawberry short cakes, and blueberry cheesecakes.

Barbecue Wedding FoodsBarbecue Wedding Kebabs
For wedding favors, you can put apple crisps in little mason jars (where your names are etched) or put in your prized-barbecue sauce. Or a cute paper bag where your guests can bring their take home wedding cake, desserts or whatnots. Or homemade bread wrapped in burlap bags.Let the good times roll until the night sways in. It’s time to make some s’mores.

Barbecue Wedding Favors


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