Backyard Wedding Ideas
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Backyard Wedding Ideas

People ought to know that the guest list is not a party list. You just don’t get to invite colleagues to your wedding. The people who are supposed to be there on your wedding are family and close-knit friends – people who love you and your partner. With this, practical people who prefer to have an intimate wedding may find the idea of a backyard wedding attractive. First of all, it’s practical. You wouldn’t charge yourself for having your own wedding on your own place, right? And second of all, it’s DIY galore! Here are ideas on how to host that perfect backyard wedding.

Food Station

Rustic Finds
The great thing with backyard wedding is practicality. And since a backyard wedding can be associated to rustic kind of wedding, you can use wheelbarrows as your drink cooler, wooden ladder as your flower holder and some barrels and a wooden plank as your food station. Also, the food ought to be served can be as simple as fruits-in-a-paper-bag kind of presentation. As long as you have done it uniquely and neatly, it’ll be cute and appropriate.

Backyard wedding DIYs

DIY Art Deco
Strings tied onto the neck of mason jars full of colored blooms is a charming sight. Tie it on trees and you got yourself a nice backyard wedding art. You could also have handwritten signage on wooden planks hung all over the place. You could also do some paper origami on nicely designed papers and hung them on a string. Make that line as aisle dividers or just some danglers on the reception area.

Picture Tree

Picture Tree
Your backyard is expected have at least one gigantic tree which towers over the entire area. You could hung framed pictures of you and your partner in there. Tie a ribbon just above the frame and you’re good. Organic and artsy – just brilliant.

Wedding Entourage

Have a complete pictorial of the wedding entourage with a scenic backdrop. You may have an empty meadow near your place or just some spacious area with a nice background. At night, you could drape a blanket beside a tree, kiss at the back and have your kissing silhouette captured by the camera. It’s not only who you could do this; your couple guests can do theirs too.

LED-lit Backyard Wedding

Night Setting
The highlight of the backyard wedding is the nightfall scene when everything turns dark and the only ones that lit your little place are the hanging bulbs or Christmas lights. Cover trees with them. Place bulbs inside paper balls. Hang LED-lit balloons as chandeliers. Just light the place up and you’ll create a backyard wedding magic.


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