Back to Back Bewitchment
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Back to Back Bewitchment

The details that the bride would give her attention to in choosing the wedding dress to be paraded on the altar should not only be focused on the front but have a breathtaking back view as well. Remember that during the ceremony three quarter of the time will be spent showing your back and even when you are about to throw the bouquet during the reception.

Here are the most promising backs of the year.


Bella Swan’s modified portrait back trimmed with lace and gloriously crossed with aligned covered   buttons is the feature that marked the minds of the Twilight Saga’s fans.


This gown on the other hand is obviously a masterpiece that no one can turn their back from.

Claire Pettibone S2013 Collection

The vintage with this back is not only sweet but feisty with the translucent lace back amplified by the floral gilded draping ribbons on the shoulders.


This sequin and rhinestone flanked bare back should be worn by brides that is proud of their rear side because they truly deserve beauty such as this.


Dare to expose it all if you wish for it on your wedding day because no one will have the courage to say a thing if you wear the white dress elegantly.


And what will be the use of having a grand reception if your gown is not heavily ruffled down to the tip of the royal train?


Medieval wedding gowns can only be successful if it is fluffed to the fullest and has a magnificent back side.


And you will never be wrong if you choose to have the gentlest fabric for a wedding gown splashed with precious stones and sequins on the electric pleated, leafy patterned layers from front to back to your heart’s content.

The back side maybe underrated most of the time but today, they will change your mind.





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