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Corsets under the wedding dress: Keep or toss?

Wedding dresses come in a variety of styles and fabrics, which is why most brides normally take weeks-if not months- to find the perfect gown. However, once you settle on the perfect dress, there’s a whole lot of issues to consider, including your undergarments and shape-wear. While Spanx is one of the most popular shape-wears on the market, several brides prefer to opt for traditional bridal corsets to attain that perfect hourglass shape on their special day. While these undergarments do bring an enticing shape to your figure- regardless of your weight- there are quite a few cons to this accessory. So, to help you make the perfect choice, let’s examine the various pros and cons of the bridal corset.

Bride wearing bridal corset

Pros: A perfectly sculpted body leads to a confident demeanor

There’s no doubt about the fact that a bridal corset will instantly nip in the waist, lift the bust and create softly rounded curves, even on really thin people. The perfect accessory for overweight brides, a corset is also going to instantly take a few pounds off your body while making your silhouette appear more elongated and balanced.

Of course, to achieve that perfectly sculpted shape, it’s important to make the proper choice of corset. These usually come in various styles including lace up, zip, steel or plastic boned. Your choice should ultimately depend on the reason why you’ve chosen to wear a corset. A steel, lace-up undergarment will suck in your tummy and slim down your waist while a plastic or non-boned one will only serve to create curves and contours.

Bridal corset to take in the waist

Remember that a corset looks absolutely fantastic under a ball gown or mermaid dress because it creates the allusion of an hourglass shape.

Cons: Comfort and mobility

While a corset certainly has the above-mentioned advantages, it can also be detrimental to your wedding day in the sense that it largely limits your comfort and mobility. A bride wearing a corset can look absolutely fantastic but, have you thought about how easy it would be for you to dance or simply sit down? These are definite matters to consider, especially if you’re opting for a boned corset.

Corset to enhance the silhouhette

It’s recommended to buy your corset quite a few weeks before your wedding and occasionally wear it around the house to make sure that you can actually walk in it. A common mistake is to eagerly slip into the corset for the first time on their wedding day- and then spend their reception uncomfortably shifting around, unable to dace or greet the guests.


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Top wedding tips for the pregnant bride

Nowadays, more and more brides choose to celebrate both their pregnancy and wedding on the same occasion. Indeed, gone are the days when pregnant ladies used to have a hush-hush and rapid wedding in the dead of the night to keep the unexpected pregnancy a hidden affair from everyone. Instead, pregnant brides now indulge in extravagant affairs- and rightfully so. Expectant mothers usually have a very appealing glow around them so don’t hesitate to use this to your advantage as you transform yourself into an exquisitely elegant and classy bride.

Groom and pregnant bride

However, there are a few things to take into consideration if you’re pregnant. For examples, while brides normally slip into the highest pair of heels they may find to walk down the aisle, this may not exactly be your best option if you’re pregnant. Being fashionable is an important part of the ceremony but then again, you do not want to indulge in any hazards or put your baby at risk. So, it’s best to stick to very low heels or even flats. Fortunately, the bridal industry is brimming with various flat-shoes options which come in a variety of colors, texture and materials. White diamante sandals will look absolutely wonderful poking out from under your dress. Alternatively, you may even slip into a pair of beaded turquoise ballerina shoes to add a special touch of “something blue” to your special day.

Flat bridal shoes

The fact that you’re pregnant shouldn’t stop you from wearing the dress of your dreams. You’ve always dreamt of walking down the aisle in a mermaid dress? Go for it! Bear in mind that your big day should be exactly what you want it to be, no matter what other people think or say. However, it is recommended to have your dress customized because your baby bump might do a bit of growing while you wait for the special day. A custom made frock can very easily be adjusted over your belly and be perfect for the wedding.

Clingy dress to draw attention to the pregnancy bump

Your choice of dress also depends on your mood: some brides would rather be discreet and conceal their bumps. If you’re one of them, remember that billowy gowns are the perfect ways to discern a rounded belly. If your bump is on the bigger size, it’s best to favor Princess-cut ball gowns because they allow quite a lot of movement whilst masking the bump. But, if you’re the sort of bride who isn’t afraid to flaunt her changing body, then by all means go for a straight, long and clingy dress that will show off your baby bump in all its glory.

Billowy dress


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Wedding gifts etiquette

Gifts form an integral part of weddings. From the gift registry to the favors, presents circulate quite freely on wedding days, which is why it’s extremely important to remain courteous and establish a few rules of etiquette. Indeed, merely accepting a wedding gift with a quick “thank you” is not at all enough. There are certainly a few rules of the thumb to follow both during and after the wedding reception.

Wedding reception

For example, it’s an all too common occurrence to stack the gifts in a corner of the wedding reception hall. However, while this certainly adds an air of festivity to your special day, a blatant display of presents might be embarrassing for any guest who got you a smallish parcel. Most importantly, as alluring as gifts are, a wedding should be so much more than just presents. So, be sure to assign someone who will either stack the presents in a different room or place them in a car, ready to be driven to your place after the reception.

Stacks of wedding gift

Of course, we all know that a thank you note is in order after the wedding. Unfortunately, after the high merriment of the ceremony followed by a peaceful and relaxing honeymoon, most couples blissfully forget about thanking the people who took the time and funds to buy them a wedding present. Bear in mind that you don’t have to send thank you notes right away: your guests will certainly understand that the first few days are the wedding are going to be quite hectic will a lot of readjustment from your part. But, a month later, after the honeymoon and after you’ve settled into your new life, it’s really crucial for you to address a note to each guest. Phone calls are obviously too time consuming and texts are too impersonal. Emails are acceptable but, honestly, most people would rather receive an actual handwritten card which will look and feel much more personal.

Small thank you gifts to your guests

During the reception, it’s not a bad idea to give your bridal party and guests a few inexpensive tokens as a thank you for their gifts and presence.  Of course, you already have the wedding favors on hand but a cheap albeit tasteful memento of the wedding is always an appreciated touch. Think simple items like gourmet recipes of every food at your reception, homemade soap or sachets of potpourri. You can also attach a handwritten note to each thank you gift which reads something along the lines of “Thank you for thinking of us.”

Couple and bridal party


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A Romantic Destination Wedding to India

Forget about the typical fly-away-to-remote-beach Destination Wedding. If you want to experience the richness of another culture and incorporate it into your special day, why don’t you- along with the entire party- fly to India for a perfect Destination Wedding?

With the enticing blend of colors, exquisite food and glorious music, an Indian wedding will certainly enhance the romantic atmosphere, while providing your guests with a completely unique experience.

Indian Wedding Ceremony

Indeed, Destination events are growing increasingly popular in the wedding industry because they provide you with a peaceful, stress free vacation, hence allowing you to make the most out of your special day.

India Traditional Weddings

Best of all, India has a wide array of venues to choose from, which will certainly enable you to plan your Destination Wedding according to your personal preference and budget.

The most romantic wedding locations in India

India Wedding Places in Temples

Kerala: With its picturesque and serene landscapes, Kerala is one of the most reputed venues for Destination Weddings. You will be able to choose between the long stretches of white, sandy beaches or the large, ethical temples which will bring calm and sanctity to your big day.Wedding Destination -Kerala

Jaipur: Also known as the Pink City, Jaipur is oozing of exotic venues such as the Rambagh Palace, Jai Maal Palace, Jaipur’s Raj Mahal, theMandawa Haveli, among several others. Indeed, these majestic places allow brides from all over the world to feel like a glamorous Princess for one day. Jaipur weddings are quite folkloric because this city is brimming with Indian culture and traditions.

Wedding Destination -Jaipur

Goa: If you want to tie the knot on one of the most famous beaches in the world, Goa is the perfect place for you. In fact, some travel agencies in Goa do take care of all the wedding-related arrangements in order to provide you with the best possible care. You will need a special permission to get married on the beach, so, it’s always a good idea to contact an agency first.

Wedding Destination -Goa

Food, Clothes and Music

traditional indian wedding style

Of course, there is no reason why you can’t wear your white wedding gown on your Indian Destination Wedding. However, brides who really want to add flair and panache to their special day can even put on a classic Indian wedding outfit.

This usually consists of a vividly colored sari, with Red, Gold and Green being the most popular choices. Some Indian brides often wear a long, slinky sequined skirt with a matching crop top that bares their waist.

Indian Wedding Food

Of course, you wouldn’t be an Indian bride if you weren’t all decked up in heavy jewellery and makeup. Don’t be afraid to go overboard: after all, you certainly have the right to shine and sparkle on the most special day of your life!
If you want to go all the way, you can even choose an all-Indian buffet for the reception. These are traditionally served on large, green banana leaves (either natural or synthetic) and consist of various curries and flatbreads. Feel free to contact your hotel for catering services.

Traditional Indian Newly-Couples
To end the evening with a bang and usually tape into the Indian culture, why not incorporate some Bollywood music into the reception? Indeed, your guests will love dancing to the rhythmic beats of Carnatic, Santoor, Trance or Jaltarang music.

Indian Wedding Dance and Music

In some Indo-Bengali cultures, the elderly women of the bride’s family usually sing at the reception, so, don’t hesitate to hand Granny a microphone and delight in her vocal power!


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Everything You Need for A Magical Vineyard Wedding

What is dreamier than tying the knot right in the middle of lush greenery and vines? Indeed, if you want an outdoors-themed ceremony with a twist, you could even host your special day right in the middle of a winery. Intimate and highly romantic, Vineyard weddings can either be simple and classic or elaborate and extravagant.

Vineyard Wedding Inspiration Theme

The major advantage with Vineyard weddings is that they provide you with exquisite backgrounds of magical forests, old, strong trees, orchards and in some cases, long rows of mountains. Best of all, space will never be an issue: with a large stretch of vast, empty land, you can very easily cram as many wedding guests as you want into your Vineyard Wedding!

Vineyard Wedding Themes

The perfect Bridal Attire for a vineyard wedding
While you can go for just about any dress cut for an outdoors Vineyard wedding, an A-line, figure-hugging gown would look perfect amongst the vines. Instead of pure white, you could also try to slip into a slinky, ivory beaded outfit.
Don’t neglect the veil: a long, thick gauzy fabric will look simply exquisite against the winery backyard.

Wedding Dress for Vineyard Theme

Keep your makeup light and simple. Indeed, some pink blush, pink lip-gloss and dark eye liner are more than sufficient to turn you into the most glamorous outdoors bride.

vineyard wedding shoes

When it comes to footwear, make sure to select a pair of shoes that’s comfortable, particularly since you will have to walk through grass, stones and other small debris. Kitten heels or wedges are your perfect choices. Bear in mind that your shoes will barely be visible under your long dress, so, don’t hesitate to put on a pair of well-worn, albeit comfortable heels.

Things to consider

There are quite a few things to take into consideration when planning your outdoors Vineyard wedding. For example, some couples may choose to put up a tent or a gazebo, especially during rainy seasons. Alternatively, you can put up a couple of elegant, veiled shady areas where your guests can stand under and relax as they mingle after the ceremony.

Vineyard Wedding Theme Decorations

When it comes to the wedding altar, you can either tie the knot right under the streaming sunshine and billowy winds, or you could arrange for a kiosk. A large, white and purple flowery arch would look extremely fitting for your Vineyard wedding. A great idea would be to create a makeshift aisle through the vines and have your groom stand under a large tree while you walk towards him. Don’t hesitate to cover the aisle with large flower petals for a more romantic look.Vineyard Wedding Theme Kissing Time

Of course, to draw attention towards the general theme of the wedding, you can decorate the reception tables with large clusters of black and green grapes. For an extra special touch, consider using aged wine for your wedding toast instead of the typical champagne.


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All You Need for A Gothic-Egyptian Style Wedding

If you want a Gothic wedding, forget about the typical Halloween- Twilight Vampire themes. These have been completely and utterly saturated by couples from all over the world and most certainly lack in flair and originality. Instead, if you really wish to bring your big day to the next level, why not adopt a Gothic-Egyptian style wedding theme?

Different Gothic Wedding Ideas

Indeed, ancient Egypt was full of mysterious, rather foreboding sculptures which will definitely bring a pronounced Goth-feel to the event.For an extra special touch, you could even ask the Minister or Officer to dress up as an Egyptian Pharaoh or High Priest.With the proper clothes, food, makeup and location, you can be sure that your Gothic-Egyptian wedding will be a magnificent day to remember!

egyptian High Priest

Transform yourself into a Gothic Egyptian Bride

As a Gothic Egyptian bride, you can certainly break free from the typical white dress and embrace a wilder, rather darker fashion sense Black is the ultimate gothic color, but, if you want to be different, you could even go for a blood red, grey, moss green or even chocolate brown dress.

Black Gothic Wedding Dress

As for the style, steer clear of Princess or A-line cuts in favour of Greek or Egyptian style outfits. You could even go for a classical black Cleopatra dress and pair it with a white wedding veil. Of course, the world-famous Cleopatra headgear would largely draw attention towards the general theme of your wedding.

Gothic Egyptian Purple Wedding Gown

When it comes to Gothic bridal footwear, forget about dainty ballets or flats. Red, black or white studded stilettos or ankle boots would be perfectly suited for the occasion. As for your makeup, stick to the usual white-base, black eyeliner and red or black lipstick. Gothic Egyptian brides shouldn’t neglect their jewellery: gold, serpent-shaped cuffs, gold colored chokers and matching earrings would certainly beautify any lady, while sticking to the overall wedding theme.

Egyptian Wedding Accessories

Don’t neglect your long black silk or net gloves for a more striking effect. And of course, a sober, rather chilling music would be quite suited to accompany you while you stride down the aisle and towards your Gothic Egyptian groom.

Location and Wedding Favors
Of course, a darkened castle hall is the Gothic Wedding venue by excellence. However, not all of us can easily afford to rent a castle, so, if you are on a restricted budget, you can very easily hold your Gothic-Egyptian wedding under a black gazebo, or even in an ancient chapel. Instead of renting two different venues, you can even host the reception in the same building.

Gothic Egyptian Wedding Vennue Styles

To really lay emphasis on the overall theme, don’t neglect the wedding favours: Coffin shaped boxes filled with chocolates, pyramid key chains, mini Egyptian Sarcophagus, black candle holders, dried roses in black or red organza boxes, fake blood jam (strawberry of course!), black candied apples, skull-shaped bottle openers, among many other similar choices.

Egyptian Style Wedding Favors - Choclate

And it certainly goes without saying that your cake should also reflect the Gothic-Egyptian mood of the wedding. A brilliant example would be to go for a Sarcophagus-shaped white cake with red icing dripping down the sides. Don’t hesitate to toss out the traditional Bride and Groom toppers. Instead, replace them with bespoke sculptures of Cleopatra and Anthony, or more morbidly, Dracula and his bride.


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Make A Blue Wedding Theme for Your Big Day

Want to design a wedding based on your favorite color? Well, if your favorite color is blue, your wedding can certainly turn out to be extremely beautiful!

Blue Wedding Ideas

Why opt for a red carpet when the blue one will really sparkle underneath your feet? Or, why opt for a standard white wedding dress when you can go for a beautiful, blue colored one?

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

If you are looking for a blue wedding theme, we have a number of different ideas up our sleeve.

First of all, why not do the drapes of your wedding in blue? Obviously, the reception area has to really showcase the blue theme, which is why the lighting could be slightly altered to provide a bluish hue too. Moreover, the floor plays a major part.

Blue Wedding Table Theme

Rather than going for a traditional carpeted surface, we will opt for a full blue colored design that is not only aimed at giving your wedding a beautiful outlook, but the shades of blue that we use will make the whole setup look even better.

Blue Theme Wedding

From the tablecloths, to the flowers to the wedding drapes, we will make sure that everything is just the way you like. Obviously, when it comes to planning a blue themed wedding, blue isn’t the only color that you want.

Mixing and matching can be done quite well. For instance, the traditional white wedding dress could be coupled with blue dresses for the bridesmaids, which would make it look absolutely stunning. Blue flower bouquets wrapped with white ribbons can be used too.

Blue with Other Color Mixed Wedding

We can also design beautiful blue colored invitations for all the guests that you wish to invite to the wedding party. And most importantly, the cake can be done in blue as well! So what are you waiting for? Check out our ideas now!


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Fairytale Wedding Theme Ideas

When we were children, virtually all of us used to spend most of our time in our fairy tale worlds rather than the real one. However, on your wedding, why not let yourself become a part of that world again?

A Cinderella Style WeddingGetting a fairy tale themed wedding isn’t difficult if you know the right people to contact, and depending upon the type of fairy tale that you wish to pursue, your wedding could be done in the simplest of manners.

For instance, if you choose a fairy tale such as Cinderella, we can help you design a ‘ball’, in which the men will be asked to wear long tailed coats and old fashioned clothing, while the women would be asked to wear traditional dresses.

Fairy Tale Wedding Dress

Want to feel like Cinderella? We’ll even get you glass shoes as well! Fairy tale weddings make use of a lot of decorative ideas. From the ginger bread man to Shrek and the tower of Rapunzel, we can help you in setting up these items carefully in your wedding so that the theme fits properly. Obviously, since the fairy tale setting is slightly on the older side, you can’t expect any modern elements within your wedding.

Fairy Tale Wedding Decorations - Teapot

The tables will also be set according to the fairy tale culture. We have a number of different ideas in our heads, such as contrasting the colors of the table cloth and chairs along with the main colors, while the interior could also be further enhanced by the right set of lighting.

Fairytale Theme Wedding - FLower Girls

Having a fairy tale themed wedding might not be easy since the expenses associated with this are significantly higher, but it can be easily done if you work with the right people. The added décor, the designed flower bouquets and the lighting all play a major part in your wedding outlook.


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A Breif Introduction to Green Wedding Theme Ideas

Is green your favorite color? Well, if the answer is yes, why not opt for something different and have your wedding designed in a green outlook?

General Green Weddings

Green looks beautiful if done correctly, and once the whole setup is complete, the color green will definitely make your wedding one of the most popular ones.

First of all, in contrast with the white wedding dress of the bride, the bridesmaids must choose a light colored green hue to wear.

Green Bridesmaid Gowns

Secondly, the dining table is a very important part of the whole wedding, and it is important that a lot of vegetables are used in order to give the desired ‘green’ effect. Obviously, these can be placed merely for showcasing purposes, but the beauty that they give is second to none.

Green Wedding Decors

Apart from that, the bouquets can be designed in green as well. Not really needing the standard flowers? Let us design a bouquet full of greens such as spinach, lettuce leaves, mint and peas and you will be sure that it will look absolutely stunning with a multitude of different shades of green. Even the wedding cake could be done in green in order to enhance the outlook of the wedding.

Green Wedding Flowers

In order to ensure that the lighting is gorgeously done, we will make sure that the drapes remain green, while the lighting chosen would be yellow or white, which when striking off the greenish surface will give a beautiful outlook.

Having a green wedding theme is very unconventional for most people since they are not really open to the idea of opting for any other color except the modern ones.

Green Wedding Themes

However, choosing light green for your wedding will make the whole process look extremely nice, and will also set your wedding apart from the standard weddings that are held everywhere else.


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A Brief Idea on Vintage Themed Weddings

Tired of the standard weddings that are held in the world today? A lot of people don’t prefer opting for a modern day wedding, and are looking forward to having a vintage themed wedding for themselves.

A Vintage Wedding Style

Vintage themed weddings are not only classy and stylish, but they are also quite different when compared with other types of weddings, with the most obvious difference being in the venue that the wedding has been staged in. Rather than wearing standard suits, the men could adorn their vintage dress, while the women can opt for either a traditional dress or the white wedding dress as per their wishes.

Vintage Wedding Dress Styles

However, vintage doesn’t only mean clothing. For instance, the dining area could be completely altered so as to make it look more vintage. Ranging from old fashioned table cloths to small treats wrapped in old newspaper, there are a lot of different things that can be done to make a vintage wedding look good.

A Vintage Wedding Decorations

Apart from that, a vintage wedding can be enhanced by flowers and decorative ideas. A small canary cage placed at the side, with a little birdie and flowers along the sides gives a beautiful impression of the ‘vintage’ design, and will do wonders in terms of décor.
The invitations and flower bouquets could be done in a similar manner too, since vintage weddings aren’t really focused upon modernism.

Vintage Wedding FLower Decors

Invitations could be made on older newspaper, which speak of your wedding and showcase it as a piece of news. Similarly, the design of the furniture could be altered as well, so as to make it look more vintage. From wedding parasols to older umbrellas and simply lit/ set dining tables, having a vintage wedding isn’t difficult if you know which company to contact. Obviously, creativity plays a major role.


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