How to Apply Wedding Makeup for Great Indoor Photos
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How to Apply Wedding Makeup for Great Indoor Photos

Photo shoots are always part of the wedding ceremonies. It would be endearing to take a walk down memory lane someday to reminisce your special day. Look breathtakingly beautiful and vibrant on your shots. There is a difference when you’re taking photos indoors. The light is not that great so there is a need of artificial lighting and this is where the makeup limitations come in. Read more so you wouldn’t look like a crystal ball in your photos.

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Avoid the shimmers and glitters
Since light will be flashing everywhere, you need to stay away from shimmery makeup to avoid shiny spots and uncalled for photo reflections. You wouldn’t want your photos to look app-edited and ready for Instagram. Wedding photography deserves a spectacular album and isn’t as superficial as the breakfast that you have eaten that morning.

Eye Makeup
Use some bronze magic
In addition, the lights and the camera flash can easily make your skin appear shades whiter than they originally are. In short, you can look pale if you or your makeup artist isn’t aware of this. To avoid this, tap up some bronzer to warm up your tones a little. Tip: Use a bronzer that is a shade darker than your skin tone.

Applying concealer
Blend well
Lenses nowadays make reel looks real. The crispness and details are amazing. That is why you need to have the perfectly-blended skin on your wedding day. You may have dark spots that you want to conceal, but if you overprotect those with concealer, they would look like blotches on your face when the pictures come out. Airbrush your makeup if you can.

Apply maskara
Dig for some deep hues
As for your cheeks and lips, you also need to go a little darker on them. If you want to go for nude lips, choose a shade that’s a little brown. Watch out for the amount of blush that should go on to your cheeks. You want it to be brighter, but not so bright that you’ll look like as if someone has slapped your face. For, in pictures, shades can appear lighter than they usually are.

Have a trial photo shoot
To test the amount of makeup that you are wearing, you could have a trial photo shoot inside your house. Get some lights and get a camera with a good flash. Snap on and evaluate your face. You’ll eventually find the right makeup combination.


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