Alice in Wonderland Wedding Theme
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Alice in Wonderland Wedding Theme

Induce a flair of darling quaintness into your wedding by having an Alice in Wonderland Wedding Theme. There are lots that you can do for this theme and that’s what makes it exciting. Take a trip down memory lane and follow the white rabbit into that hole once again. You’ll have this quick visual rush of mismatched chairs, singing flowers and sassy silkworms. As if that’s not enough inspiration, here are solid tips that you can adapt for your very own Alice in Wonderland wedding.

AIW Invitations

The Invitations
Insert mimicked antique pages of this Lewis Carroll literature into the wedding for some kick up. Set the mood just by sending out the invites. Use rhyming phrases such as “Don’t be late, Save the Date”. Insert a tea bag if you like. Stimulate your guests’ imagination by the chess-like patterns or playing cards spade patterns.

AIW Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom Attire
You can choose to be all out and have a hipster Alice in Wonderland wedding and dress like Alice, only more grand. Or you both could still have the traditional formal attire and get busy with the other details instead to infuse the theme. For instance, you could hang different-sized clocks here in there in your wedding reception and display some sliced cakes, teapots and saucers on the tables.

AIW Cakes

Quaint Cake
Have a full teapot as your wedding cake topper instead of the usual bride and groom figurine. You could have it layered in an irregular manner to invite more strangeness. Add significant details like clocks, mushrooms and flowers.

AIW Bridesmaids

Mismatch Everything — and Everyone
If you want to keep the Alice theme true, stick with mismatching things — and persons. It would be interesting if your bridesmaids sport different gowns and hairdos. The more mismatched, the better. Inform your guests, especially your bridal entourage about this. Also, one of the most easiest and effective things to mismatch on the reception are the chairs. It has a fun effect to the guests and to the eyes.
Other Alice-y Details
Never run out of tea on the beverage section. Add labels to everything like add “Eat Me” notes on your cupcakes and cake slices. Pink flamingos on the reception are dainty choices. Queen of hearts can be filled up by both mothers of the bride and groom. Everything is lovelier if you would have an outdoor garden wedding. It’ll be a whole lot easier too.


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