Alice in Wonderland Wedding Ideas
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Alice in Wonderland Wedding Theme Ideas

It is common knowledge that the bride is the main character in a wedding. The day is all about her—and what better way to put the bride under the spotlight than to do an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding? It will be a colorful event, with lots of magical characters and playful decorations to add more fun and zest to the wedding.

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The good thing about an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding is you can choose to set it indoors or outdoors. Whichever you decide on will be a good place to create a wonderland. If you prefer an outdoor wedding, it will basically look like a garden wedding except for a few quirks and quaint wonderland decorations—you can incorporate a little of all the outdoor sceneries from the story or perhaps stick to a specific scene like the tea party or the Queen’s backyard. On the other hand, if you prefer an indoor wedding, you can design the place with a vintage theme and odd details such as quilted chairs or giant furniture.

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Food
The wedding gown can be simple or, if you feel like going deep into the theme, it can have a little resemblance to any character in the story. You can opt for something blue and vintage including real lacy pantaloons if you want to go for a contemporary Alice-look. The groom can accessorize his dashing tuxedo with a top hat, something that looks like the Mad Hatter’s.

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Dress and Bouquet
The palette theme can either be really loud and festive colors or calm pastel colors, depending on your preference. Consider doing things with a little bohemian influence such as a relaxing ambience teamed with crazy theatrical decorations such as quirky teapots and clocks that will create a great impact on your guests. You can even hire mimes or magicians if you want to go all out on the magical experience.

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Decoration
For your party favors, you can give out colorful shiny bottles with sparkling liquid in it and a tag that says “Drink Me.” or maybe a box of colorful fondant cupcakes or cookies with a tag that says “Eat Me.”

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