Add a 1920s Twist to Your Vintage-themed Wedding
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Add a 1920s Twist to Your Vintage-themed Wedding

Everyone loves vintage weddings: they’re different, they’re romantic and best of all, they fly us back to the distinguished era of blended fun and courtship.

Vintage Wedding for 1920s Style

However, if you want to wow your guests with a unique twist, why not incorporate a Twenties touch to the wedding? Indeed, the clothing, the food, the music and the overall atmosphere will never fail to add flair and panache to your big day.

1920s Style Vintage Wedding with Umbrella

Contrary to what most of us believe, it is relatively easy- and not so expensive- to add a Twenties twist to your Vintage themed wedding. All you need is the proper venue, decoration, music and you’re all set to get married in a Great-Gatsby like environment!

You can’t hold a vintage 1920s wedding in any random place. The beach, for instance is an extremely romantic place to get married, but not exactly adaptable to a 1920’s atmosphere. It’s always better to go for a wide, elegant space like a hotel ballroom.

gold ballroom wedding reception for 1920s Style

Alternatively, if you want a religious ceremony, you can very easily create the perfect Twenties venue by adding the appropriate decorations to the church.
Peacock feathers, for example, are the perfect additions to your Twenties-Vintage wedding. You may scatter them in a water bowl with a couple of blue and green floating candles for quite a striking effect.

Wedding Decor for 1920s Style Wedding

Bouquets of Roses and Callia Lilies are other great ways to enhance the theme of your special day. The Don’t be afraid of going overboard: with a 1920’s style wedding, too much is never enough!

Flower Decor for a 1920s Vintage Wedding

Alternatively, since tea parties were all in the rage during the 20s’, why don’t you go for some elaborately painted, dainty teacups which ladies can hold with the pinkie finger sticking out? A novelty idea would be to drink traditional champagne wedding toast right out your Twenties teacups.

1920s Vintage Wedding Centerpiece Decor
And of course, it wouldn’t be a 20’s vintage wedding without some good old Jazz music? If you’re feeling particularly bold and daring, you may even walk down the aisle to an instrumental Jazz beat and of course, don’t hesitate to lead your guests into the Charleston during the reception. Don’t hesitate to dress up your cake as well: some vibrantly colored sugared flowers will definitely intensify the 20’s feel.

How to be the perfect Twenties Bride

Like it or not, you’re going to be the centrepiece at your wedding. So, to set the proper 20’s mood, you certainly have to look the part. Forget about demure, satin, Victorian-like wedding gowns. To blend it with your Twenties theme, brides will need a slinky, beaded, figure-hugging dress, preferably with a narrow bodice. A mermaid-shaped wedding dress will work wonders for the look that you’re trying to achieve.

twenties wedding accessories

If you can withstand it, you can also throw on a tight corset under your wedding gown, but that’s complete optional. Don’t forget that this will be the most important dress of your life, so, it’s imperative that you feel completely at ease when you wear it. An elaborate headpiece would also look the part and don’t forget to add a couple of Ostrich and Peacock feathers in your bouquet. A lace handkerchief and lots of pearls are other welcome additions to your Twenties look.

1920s Vintage Bride

For a typical flapper look, you can cut and style your hair into a straight bob. But, if you don’t want to go to such extremes, just tie your hair and cover it with a beaded veil. Don’t forget the heavily-lined, sultry eyes and the bright red lipstick. Smear the indispensable rouge over your cheeks and you’re all set to be the perfect vintage Twenties Bride!


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