A Fairy Tale themed wedding on the beach
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A Fairy Tale themed wedding on the beach

Beach weddings are undeniably the most popular choices amongst romantic couples. However, most people choose to limit themselves to the classic white summer dress and scattered rose petals on the sand.

If you want to wow your guests with an extraordinary touch, you can go all the way and consider a magical, fairy-tale wedding, complete with a sequinned, full-skirted dress and glass slippers- right in front of the sea!

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Awe-inspiring décor

Indeed, the turquoise waves lapping on a stretch of smooth white sand might be the best setting to bring your favourite fairy tale to life. For example, why not transform your venue into a classical scene from Sleeping Beauty?

Beach Fairy Tale Wedding Decor

You can very easily line up the aisle with some artificial birch trees and string some thick green garlands through them in order to create the typical Sleeping Beauty forest. In fact, an exquisitely romantic touch would be to frame the altar in flowery branches that will certainly evoke the woodsy charm of Sleeping Beauty.

Fairy Tale Wedding Theme

A plush green carpet, potted plants, artificial flowers and romantic, sparkling wedding gowns are more than enough to bring a pronounced fairy-tale atmosphere to your special day. For a more stunning effect, you may even hang some gold-tinted or silver light garlands through the artificial trees. This works best for dusk weddings.

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And of course, it goes without saying that the beach is the best venue for a Little Mermaid theme. Other than the classic mermaid-shaped wedding dress, you can also adopt a pronounced sea-theme for the reception table. Some sea shells, a sparkly blue tablecloth or painted corals will undoubtedly evoke the sweet, romantic charm of this particular fairy-tale.

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Sparkle like a Disney Princess

To make your fairy tale beach wedding extra special, forget about straight, floaty dresses that brides commonly choose as they get wed by the sea. Instead, never hesitate to go all the way: satin, tulle, lace and silk are the sort of fabrics that will transform you from an ordinary bride to a Disney Princess. Don’t forget that your wedding dress should not compulsorily be white. Indeed, sky blue or ivory are excellent choices for your beach ceremony.

Little Mermaid Fairytale Wedding ideas

Of course, other than the dress, you should also make sure to properly accessorise: teardrop or diamond earrings will complement just about any dress style. If you really want to draw attention to the fairy-tale beach theme, you can also enhance your overall attire with a delicate pearl and aquamarine tiara, or a blue choker and matching bracelets.

Beach Wedding Cinderella Style

Your Princess outfit will not be complete until and unless you slip your feet into the perfect pair of shoes. While glass slippers will beautifully carry the overall theme, they are not exactly your most practical choices for the beach. You don’t want your heels to dig into the sand as you’re walking down the aisle, do you? Therefore, try to go for an elegant pair of flats, but to make your footwear extra special, make sure to select something that’s quite elaborate and intricately designed.

Disney Wedding Theme in Beach

Slick on some gorgeous nail polish, allow your hair to flow loosely around your shoulders, adjust your train and grab your bouquet. One last touch of lip gloss and you’re all set to walk down the aisle, towards Prince Charming, just as the sun is setting on a gorgeous evening by the sea.


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