A Brief Introduction to Spring Wedding Themes
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A Brief Introduction to Spring Wedding Themes

Spring seems like the perfect time of the year to tie the knot – the nippy air, the warm rays of sunshine peeking through, lush verdant gardens sprinkled with flowers. Love is in the air! As spring is a remembrance of life and hope, so it is a fitting time to celebrate a new life together. And oh, think of the many wonderful ideas for a spring-themed wedding.

Spring Themed Weddings Introduction

Those romantic strings by picking out a Victorian Garden spring themed wedding. This simply spells out elegance, sophistication and of course, romance. For this theme, choose soft colors like pale blue, brighten it up and pair it with yellow. Try cream or ecru and match it up with pastel spring greens. Or accentuate it with baby yellow, pink and blue pastels. Celebrate this the traditional Victorian way with oodles of lace and top hats and gloves for the men. The couple can do this right outside their backyard or their lawn preferably in the morning.

Or you can choose a botanical garden. The beauty of nature can bring a pleasant touch to the wedding – from the sights and scents of spring – floral-scented breezes and budding leaves. Nature’s wonderful spring colors can work as your backdrop. It’s fun to release pretty colored butterflies or blow bubbles or birdseeds.Spring Themed Weddings Botanical Garden Set Up

An outdoor spring wedding is all about flowers – cherry blossoms, herbs, butterflies and birds and twigs. It’s all about whimsical floral or even butterfly-printed spring dresses too. Light preppy pink and green in chiffon are cool ways of dressing up the entourage. For the bride’s dress, a tea-length dress is a great choice for a spring wedding. Walk down a petal-strewn aisle on a spunky rain boots, or bare foot or floral-printed footwear or fancy colored shoes – the possibilities are endless.

Spring Themed Weddings Invitation Card

You can even personalize your wedding invitations by making spring butterflies from cupcake liners. Or tissue paper collage to make flowers. Home-made spring invitations are so much fun to make.

Spring Themed Weddings Cake

Choose simple but delish spring chicken recipes and really good gourmet spring vegetable dishes for the spring wedding meal. Spring brings about fresh flavors – herbs, berries and lemons. So try spring cake and cupcake recipes for the wedding cake. How about choosing lemon-thyme pound cake or strawberry cakes with strawberry butter cream. Deck the cake out with floral accents and pastel edible ribbons. Use an edible birdcage with birds and flowers as a cake topper.


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