A Brief Introduction to Purple Themed Weddings
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A Brief Introduction to Purple Themed Weddings

The color purple indicates royalty — princes and princesses and kings and queens. Purple also radiates passion, luxury and comfort. That’s why most brides pick out the color purple as the wedding’s motif.


Purple is a blend of warm red and breezy blue. Surprisingly, it can be merged with different colors. Even with colors that don’t seem to match with purple. Everyone knows it blends perfectly well with pink. But purple is also great with other vibrant colors like green and orange and yellow.

Purple can be perfect even for a sunny summer wedding. The bride can opt for lighter tones like lavender and lilac. A deeper purple hue can work just as well if accented with shades of silver and white. Royal purple or eggplant purple will look oh so lovely with silver. Orange can be a good combination too – blend the purple flowers with pretty orange lilies.

Purple Themed Wedding Introduction

Mixing and matching all hues of purple like plum and royal violet with gold and blue will also work perfectly well. Try some shades of purple with aqua – it’s a perfect color recipe for a summer wedding. Purple and lime green is another great mishmash of a purple-themed wedding.

Once the bride has chosen the purple-themed combination motif she desires, it’s going to be easy to plan out the important stuff for the wedding — invitations, save the date cards, thank you cards, wedding favors, wedding cake, wedding decorations, the entourage’s dresses, shoes, and all kinds of wedding what-nots.

Purple Wedding Cake

Start off with the invitation – the bride can opt for metallic paper for a shimmering effect like gold, champagne, ice or silver. It can be a classical wedding invitation when purple is mixed with white – with embossed lines on textured paper.

Purple Wedding Invitation

To spruce up the wedding venue, purple metallic balloons and flowers can be splashed all over the place. There’s a plethora of flowers to choose from – orchids, violets, lavender, iris, and hyacinths to name a few. Blend it with yellow and orange flowers and lime. Prettify it with purple ribbons and glitter. Use vases with purple shades.

For the wedding cake, use purple frosting or purple trimmings. Purple marbles or cake topper and even purple confetti and purple edible beads. Or simply use a simple white wedding cake placed on top of the cake table covered with a purple tablecloth.

Purple Wedding Bouquets

The tables can be decked out with purple candles or just put white candles on purple candle holders. Or wrap them with purple ribbons too. The bridesmaids can wear purple jewelry or purple hair accessories, purple shoes or purple dresses.


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