A Brief Introduction to Pink Wedding Themes
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A Brief Introduction to Pink Wedding Themes

With so many different wedding ideas in this day and age it is no wonder Brides and Grooms get stuck for choice. Couples are choosing to become more unique in both their choice of venue and themes. One such theme is themes and there are still so many choices even with this.

Pink Wedding Themes

Pink wedding themes are becoming more and more popular; pink is no longer seen as just a color for girls. There are many places that now offer suit hire with pink shirts, ties and accessories. It doesn’t stop there as you can even get hot pink suits!

Pink Wedding Dresses for Bride

Brides are opting for full hot pink dresses right through to a traditional white wedding dress and adding a touch of the pink wedding theme by placing a pink colored ribbon around the dress giving it both an elegant and pretty pink look without being over bearing.

Pink Feather Wedding Flowers

Flowers and other decorations are a key part in getting the pink color theme right, if picked wisely they can completely change your wedding from hot pink overload to a simple splash of pink. Depending on what look you are after some great pink flowers are Orchids, Roses and Lillie’s all of which can be found in varying degrees of pink.

Pink Wedding Flower Decor

Other things to consider to get the perfect pink themed wedding would be the cake, Whether couples want a big lavish pink cake or many individual cupcakes delicately decorated with fluffy pink butter cream it again give the opportunity to decide whether to go all out pink or just a hint to add some style.

Pink Wedding Certerpiece Decor

There are so many ways to incorporate a pink wedding theme into your own wedding from ribbons and flowers to having pink invitations to get your guests in the mood for your unique pink wedding and how far you take the pink theme is completely up to you.

It is such a nice idea that can suit all tastes because you can control the level of the color intestacy and the effect that it has.


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