A Brief Introduction to Muslim Themed Weddings
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A Brief Introduction to Muslim Themed Weddings

Planning a Muslim-themed wedding? Expect food, lots of good food and oodles of lavish rituals and celebrations. And well, an elegant bridal dress and loads of glitzy opulent jewelry. And oh yeah, eggs. Lots of them. Eggs are presented to the couple as a sign of fertility —that’s how the guests congratulate the bride and groom. In some Muslim weddings, an egg is broken during the reception to symbolize luck for the couple.

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Most Muslim weddings have deep purple or shades of purple as their wedding color motif. Maybe because purple symbolizes royalty. A classic and stylish combination would be purple and white or magenta and white.

Muslim Wedding Jewelry

A Muslim bride will definitely look regal and lovely in an elegant lace mermaid Muslim wedding dress with a pinkish hue or a long sleeved gown with a high neckline or an exquisite stomacher neck. Usually after the ceremony, the bride changes into another kind of elaborate gown prettified with pearls and gold and jewels. At the end of the celebration, expect the bride to be held in the air like a queen until she is returned to the arms of her groom.

Muslim Casual Wedding Dress

Make sure the shutterbugs are ready, as the bride puts her henna on. Ensure that the bride has done the necessary scrubbing and waxing needed before henna application. Make sure the nails have been painted as well. Applying henna on the bride is a tedious process but will surely bring delight. Just be careful not to smudge the henna all over the bride.

As soon as the ceremony ends, the feast begins with the walimaa wedding celebration that sometimes lasts for two full days. This is when the oodles of food start rolling and oh the candy-covered almonds and other sweets.

Muslim Wedding Henna Tattoo

In some Muslim weddings, the mother of the groom presents the bride with sweets. The bride is usually veiled; this is the time when she may show her face. Then the mother of the groom ties an imam zamin — a gold coin wrapped in silk — around the bride’s right arm as a symbol of prosperity.

After the feast, a thin piece of cloth is placed over the couple. Underneath the sheet, the bride and the groom share sips of spicy yogurt – borhani. Then the couple looks at the mirror and affirms a romantic declaration to each other and to the people. Then they exchange flower garlands. In recent times, the custom of exchanging of rings has been added up to the rite.


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