A Brief Introduction to Military Themed Weddings
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A Brief Introduction to Military Themed Weddings

Military weddings are just like any other wedding really but have a few simple differences for instance it’s not actually a military service it’s still a religious bonding of two people in love but the main difference is what is worn as military weddings wear uniform instead of suits.

Military Wedding Ceremony

The bride does still wear a dress in most occasions’ so that is quite traditional. One great thing about military weddings is that when the service is carried out by a military chaplain who is still on active duty you don’t have to pay! I believe some sort of monetary gift is often presented for their time though.

Don’t forget the formalities of a military wedding such as the seating of commanding officers, this would of course depend on who is going to be there from you own family.

Military Wedding Styles

An important part of the military wedding is of course the Arch of Sabres, this usually happens straight after the ceremony when the serviceman and women form two lines outside the church or where the wedding is being held and on command the sabres are lifted to make an arch which the couple then pass through. It is only service men and women who are allowed to take part in the arch of sabres so no over keen dads or brothers allowed!

Military Wedding Theme Ideas

Some other things to remember is that if the groom is in uniform he should precede the bride in the receiving line and many couples will have flags and national colors displayed. Other military wedding traditions can include cutting the cake with a sword and an intimate giving of rings to each other.

Military Wedding Themes

The military wedding theme is really traditional and quite formal but it is very impressive to watch and quite unique in they that not everybody qualifies to have one.


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