A Brief Idea on Vintage Themed Weddings
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A Brief Idea on Vintage Themed Weddings

Tired of the standard weddings that are held in the world today? A lot of people don’t prefer opting for a modern day wedding, and are looking forward to having a vintage themed wedding for themselves.

A Vintage Wedding Style

Vintage themed weddings are not only classy and stylish, but they are also quite different when compared with other types of weddings, with the most obvious difference being in the venue that the wedding has been staged in. Rather than wearing standard suits, the men could adorn their vintage dress, while the women can opt for either a traditional dress or the white wedding dress as per their wishes.

Vintage Wedding Dress Styles

However, vintage doesn’t only mean clothing. For instance, the dining area could be completely altered so as to make it look more vintage. Ranging from old fashioned table cloths to small treats wrapped in old newspaper, there are a lot of different things that can be done to make a vintage wedding look good.

A Vintage Wedding Decorations

Apart from that, a vintage wedding can be enhanced by flowers and decorative ideas. A small canary cage placed at the side, with a little birdie and flowers along the sides gives a beautiful impression of the ‘vintage’ design, and will do wonders in terms of décor.
The invitations and flower bouquets could be done in a similar manner too, since vintage weddings aren’t really focused upon modernism.

Vintage Wedding FLower Decors

Invitations could be made on older newspaper, which speak of your wedding and showcase it as a piece of news. Similarly, the design of the furniture could be altered as well, so as to make it look more vintage. From wedding parasols to older umbrellas and simply lit/ set dining tables, having a vintage wedding isn’t difficult if you know which company to contact. Obviously, creativity plays a major role.


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