A Breif Introduction to Green Wedding Theme Ideas
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A Breif Introduction to Green Wedding Theme Ideas

Is green your favorite color? Well, if the answer is yes, why not opt for something different and have your wedding designed in a green outlook?

General Green Weddings

Green looks beautiful if done correctly, and once the whole setup is complete, the color green will definitely make your wedding one of the most popular ones.

First of all, in contrast with the white wedding dress of the bride, the bridesmaids must choose a light colored green hue to wear.

Green Bridesmaid Gowns

Secondly, the dining table is a very important part of the whole wedding, and it is important that a lot of vegetables are used in order to give the desired ‘green’ effect. Obviously, these can be placed merely for showcasing purposes, but the beauty that they give is second to none.

Green Wedding Decors

Apart from that, the bouquets can be designed in green as well. Not really needing the standard flowers? Let us design a bouquet full of greens such as spinach, lettuce leaves, mint and peas and you will be sure that it will look absolutely stunning with a multitude of different shades of green. Even the wedding cake could be done in green in order to enhance the outlook of the wedding.

Green Wedding Flowers

In order to ensure that the lighting is gorgeously done, we will make sure that the drapes remain green, while the lighting chosen would be yellow or white, which when striking off the greenish surface will give a beautiful outlook.

Having a green wedding theme is very unconventional for most people since they are not really open to the idea of opting for any other color except the modern ones.

Green Wedding Themes

However, choosing light green for your wedding will make the whole process look extremely nice, and will also set your wedding apart from the standard weddings that are held everywhere else.


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