7 Wedding Cake Ideas
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7 Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding cakes take center stage during wedding receptions. That’s why many brides take great pains in choosing their wedding cake. Your wedding cake should describe who you are – choosing one is similar to choosing a wedding dress or a wedding theme. Find a cake design that best embodies who you are and what you love. Here are some sweet, simple and creative new designs for a wedding cake.
1 Fondant Flowers
Fondant flowers with an embroidered effect give a lacy touch turning a simple cake into a stylish showstopper on the dessert table. This wedding cake design goes perfectly well with the sweet, bubbly bride.

7 Wedding Cake Ideas Fondant Flowers

2 Homemade Cookies or Cream Puffs
Love cookies? Try using homemade cookies iced in chocolate cream grouped together to look like a multi-tiered cake. Spread some white butter cream icing and splash some pretty little and multi-hued sprinkles or edible beads. Or use cream puffs in lieu of the traditional wedding cake – arrange them in cupcake liners on a multi-layer cake stand.

7 Wedding Cake Ideas Cupcakes

3 Geometric Cakes, Stripes and Signature Stamps
Create colorful eye-catching lines that give dimension and art to an all-white wedding cake. Or put your names on colorful embossed icing fondant. Tote it up with stripes to create the neat traditional vibe. Depart from the traditional round and square cakes – try hexagon. Add dainty patterns of shimmering beads of crystal or gold or white pearls to make it more pleasing to the eyes.

7 Wedding Cake Ideas Geometrical Shape
4 Single-tier Cakes with Stylish Topper
Simple single-tier cakes are the latest craze these days. Adding a fanciful topper gives life and drama to an otherwise simple cake. Perhaps an arch of small flowers or a whimsical figure of the groom and the bride – dancing or laughing.

7 Wedding Cake Ideas Single Tier with Stylish Topper

5 Beautiful Nature
Get ideas from nature if you both love the nature. Use blooms and wild flowers as embellishments on your cake. Try green cake with pink and yellow sugar flowers. Or white leaves flowing down a round-shaped chocolate wedding cake.

7 Wedding Cake Ideas Wild Flowers

6 Lacy Doilies
Create a cake inspired from doily shapes in romantic lace patterns Make the lace look like it’s embossed on the cake. Choose dreamy and sweet pastel colors. Cakes with lacy doilies are just the right thing for the young and sweet couple.
7 Black and White Lace
This cake is perfect if you’re having a classy color palette like black and white. This bold lacy cake will look more chic when delicate but thickset lacy features are added on the cake. A black and white lace cake is perfect for the sophisticated and matured couple.


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