5 Braided Wedding Hairstyles That You'll Love
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5 Braided Wedding Hairstyles That You’ll Love

You’ve finally ironed out all the big wedding details – guest lists, caterers, reception venue, your wedding dress. But, wait. Have you decided on your hairstyle yet? The hair could pull everything together from your jewelry to your wedding dress to your shoes. However, it could also shatter the whole look. To make your look perfect during your big day, get inspiration from these 5 braided wedding hairstyles below.

The messy braid bun
Aside from exuding sexiness and romance in the air, this messy braid bun ‘do will keep your hair in place, making this choice a practical one for beach weddings or summer weddings. To make your look sweeter, you can do a combination of pinned tendrils and plaits or you can weave in some fresh flowers, studs or feathers.

The Messy Braid Bun

The low-braided side fishtail
For a dainty bride donning a long hair, the low-braided side fishtail would magnify her endearing persona. The intricate braiding plus the wispy bits at the front whispers an enchantingsensation. The secret to this hairstyle is to give the braid a loose look for a casual flair. To go bohemian, just pull apart the braid gently.

The Low-Braided Side Fishtail

The waterfall braid
If you are going for a barn wedding or any other easy-themed wedding, then a waterfall braid would be the best choice. You should have at least shoulder-length hair for this hairstyle to work. The fun part with waterfall braids is that you can do a lot of varieties with it. You can interlock laces and studded strings with your braid or you can just put little embellishments on your hair.

The Waterfall Braid

The braided crown
For a classic, vintage goddess look, you can have braided crowns on your wedding day. The look would remind you of cherubs, medieval women and bohochics. This style is perfect for thick-haired women and to those who wants to keep their tresses out of their faces during the whole event. However, if you’re hair is thin, but you want to fashion this ‘do, you can always buy hair extensions and clip on braids.

The Braided Crown

The sleek low bun braid

If you are sophisticated and classy bride, you obviously need a hairstyle that would match your personality. What suits you better than this sleek low bun braid? None of the other hairstyles, of course. This neat and chic style would give emphasis on your neck and shoulders, hence it is an appropriate style if you’re going to wear a tube wedding dress. This would make you look regal.

The Sleek Low Bun Braid


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