5 Most Beautiful Wedding Destinations in Europe
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5 Most Beautiful Wedding Destinations in Europe

Held your wedding in a spot where the romantic heroes have been born and where people fall in love… On a place where setting up a dreamy environment is effortless. If you are going to be wed just once in your lifetime, then better make it grand. Have a European Wedding Destination, an opportunity only a few can achieve. Take your pick.

Santorini, Greece
Feel like Venus in Santorini where the salty smell of the ocean, the warm heat of the sun and the cheery disposition of the locals mix. Santorini is a breathtaking place to be wed, given the view of the bluest oceans during the day and the sparkly lights on layered hill houses at night.

pre wedding photoshoot in Paris
Paris, France
Of course, your dream is to get married right in the city of love with the Eiffel Tower as your backdrop. There, you dream of being swooned by your groom, your vows as high as the tower or even surpassing the tower itself. Drive a vintage car and hire a photographer to follow you around as you and your groom take the city in your wedding dress. The city is every inch of romance.

Basilicata, Italy
Get married on the sacred grounds proclaimed as the heritage of humanity by UNESCO. If you are planning for a small and intimate wedding, Basilicata is a perfect place – secluded with medieval churches and castles, and a lush countryside to add. You can drive around town in a retro motorcycle and have lots of artsy photos taken.

Mallorca, Spain
The small island of Mallorca in Spain boasts a great weather, beautiful beaches, quaint villages and dainty resorts – perfect for a getaway wedding for your set of families and friends. You can even have a beach wedding or a mansion wedding there. As for the things to do in there, there are lots. Water sports and afternoon walks on the villages are equally awe-inspiring.

Alps, Switzerland
Tie the knots in a medieval castle or on cliff sides with an exhilarating view of the Alps Mountains. Schedule your wedding such that it would be the time of the year when it snows moderately. The snow would add some flakes of romance into your wedding. The white-topped grounds and the chilly air. Now, it’s the time and place to get intimate. Serve some hot cocoas to spread the warmth!


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