Best Bunches of Beauteous Bouquets
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Best Bunches of Beauteous Bouquets

The first priority in the realm of flowery touches on the wedding is the bride’s bouquet. The choice of having a contemporary, ordinary, whimsical and bizarre bunch of flowers to be held by the bride throughout the occasion and thrown to the bridesmaids later is by all means available. Here are the best types of wedding bouquets that will bring your floral wit to another level.

These are the round bouquets commonly used that is regular favorites of the modern bride. The posy which is mostly if not all made of single floral specie and the nosegay bouquet where the flowers are arrange in a uniform manner with much of greens in it are the frequent picks.

The tussie-mussie on the other hand is the Smorgasbord of flowers from the big ones to the smallest. Sometimes it is even adorned with pearls and berries.

This is another rendition of the round bouquets called the Biedermeier Bouquet where the flowers are presented in layers. The pomander is the wedding bouquet attached with a string that holding it is stress free.

There are brides who prefer the cone bouquet and the composite flower bouquet that has a huge dominant flower at the center.

The cascading bouquet is desired by brides because of its extensive beauty.

The crescent bouquet on the other hand is chosen because of its sheer grace and the fan bouquet of its individuality and distinct beauty for the bride.

Bridal bouquets are always there with the bride that making these for the most important lady in the wedding must be thought of in detail.


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