Planning a last minute wedding
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Weddings usually require months- if not a year- of careful planning and preparation. Every tiny detail must be planned such as the cake, the guest list, the seating arrangement down to the bridal march music, among others. In fact, the bride herself can take up to five months before finding the perfect dress, shoes, veils and other accessories to match. Indeed, holding a wedding is no petty thing and definitely not suited for the faint-hearted!

Civil ceremony

There have been instances, however, where the couple jointly agreed on an ultra-short engagement followed by the ceremony. Or, maybe neither one of you expected to fall in love so soon and now you’re both roaring to get married. Do you wait a year to plan the perfect wedding of your dreams or do you throw caution to the wind and plan a last minute wedding?

Small wedding reception

The answer is: there’s absolutely no reason why couples can’t go for a last minute ceremony. In fact, if you don’t stand on tradition and if you don’t mind making just a few concessions, planning a last minute wedding can actually be a fun thing to do. Not only is easier than you think but it’ll definitely save you months and months of constant stressing and worrying. For starters, it’s recommended to drastically reduce the number of people you were planning on inviting to the ceremony. Fewer guests mean fewer people to entertain which in the end, promises an easy, hassle-free wedding and reception.

Simple wedding buffet

And then of course, there’s the wedding buffet. Most caterers do ask for a few months’ notice, but, if you only stick to your close friends and relatives, you won’t have so many people to feed, which means that family members can get together and easily whip up a few delicacies for a delicious albeit simple wedding buffet. In this case, be sure to cover the costs for the ingredients and either pay or hand each person a gift to show your appreciation.

Casual wedding dress

As far as the dress goes, don’t hesitate to save one or two full days of constant dress-shopping. This is not only help you save up on precious time but, you’ll also be able to cram more wedding planning into fewer days. Alternatively, consider donning a casual dress for your last-minute wedding. A pretty white or ivory frock that you already have might just do the trick, especially if you aren’t fussy about the entire wedding dress thing.

Vegas wedding cake

As far as the ceremony go, you have three choices: Go for a traditional ceremony, complete with priest, groomsmen and bridesmaids, fly to Las Vegas or simply have a civil wedding with a more lavish reception afterwards.


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