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Gray themed weddings: How to keep things from looking dull

If you don’t properly handle it, it would be far too easy to make a gray themed wedding look dull and uninviting. While this color is undeniably glamorous and elegant, gray weddings can quickly turn to disaster if you do not adopt the proper care required when setting up the decorations.

Add some bright touches

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Here are some tips that will hopefully help you pull off a lively, romantic and exceedingly classy gray-themed weddings.


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Don’t neglect the bright touches

As tempting as it is to go for an all-grey palette, try to adopt this drastic step. This will result in a drab, almost funeral-like look which might even induce quite a few yawns from your guests. Therefore, do go for gray as the main color but don’t neglect the bright touches to break things up a bit. Yellow, for example, is a wonderful way to add some contrast to your wedding palette. Think yellow flowers for the bridesmaids or even a stunning yellow bouquet for the bride herself. Alternatively, you could also go for yellow bridesmaid dresses or yellow place settings. If you’re having a wedding at night, you can even go for yellow Led candles lined across the aisle or all around the reception area.

wedding cake

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Wedding Cake

Most people tend to go for traditional white wedding cakes regardless of the overall color theme because they are afraid of being overly unconventional. After all, wedding cakes do tend to be white most of the time. However, your wedding should be the best platform for you to express yourself, a safe space where you will dare to be different and embrace what you truly want. Consequently, don’t hesitate to go for a gray wedding cake. As always, do break things up a bit with some colorful touches. While the overall surface of the cake might be gray, you could go for pink fondant flowers with some occasional touches of green. For an extra-special touch, you could also go for a dark red cake stand that will throw the gray surface of the cake into focus while beautifully complementing the overall theme of the day.

Bridal party

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Bridal party

The best way to bring a gray theme to the wedding without things looking too dull is through the bridal party itself. If you want, you can dress up the bridesmaids in gray dresses with red, pink or yellow sashes. Similarly, the groomsmen can don gray tuxedos with brightly colored ties. Bear in mind that the ties and sashes do not imperatively need to be uniformed. In fact, the best way to liven up the gray theme is to allocate a differently-colored tie or sash to each groomsman and bridesmaid. For a homogenous look, the Maid of Honor and the Best Man can dress in all-gray ensembles. Of course, the groom and bride can wear gray as well: in fact, the bride can even go for an ombre-style wedding dress with varying hues of white and gray.


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