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Unique ideas for a beach wedding

Beach weddings are highly coveted because of the romantic setting. Indeed, very few venues can beat the crash of the waves against the shoreline as you take your vows. For this reason, more and more couples are choosing to embrace this type of wedding. However, because it has grown so popular, the allure of a beach wedding has somewhat lessened over the years. Indeed, with everyone adopting the same beach wedding trends, it would be too easy for this type of ceremony to lose its charm. You should therefore strive to think outside the box and surprise those wary guests who think they’ve seen it all before.  So, read on for some unique ideas that will undoubtedly add a special touch to your beach wedding.

Beach wedding

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Slash the guest list

If you want to enjoy an intimate gathering on the beach after the ceremony, don’t hesitate to slash the guest list and only invite your closest friends and families. This will enable you to interact with everyone after the ceremony and hence intensify the celebratory atmosphere. Consequently, an intimate gathering will also bring a deep sense of coziness to the ceremony, once again enhancing the special touch that a beach wedding brings to the day. The rule of the thumb here is that less is always more.


Rocks in the background

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Have the ceremony at night

The majority of beach weddings happen during the day under the bright sunshine. For an extra-special touch, however, don’t hesitate to have a sunset or even a nighttime ceremony. The moonlight-leeched sand will undoubtedly bring a unique twist to the ceremony as a whole. In this case, don’t hesitate to go for some LED candles or lanterns as well as strings of fairy lights to create a perfectly romantic atmosphere. Bear in mind that a nocturnal wedding by the sea can result in a dip in temperature so be sure to dress adequately.

Formal dinner on the beach1

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Formal dinner on the beach

In the majority of cases, couples hold the actual ceremony on the beach and then move on to a different venue for the reception. However, if you want to add a unique twist to the festivities, why not hold the reception on the beach? In fact, instead of a picnic dinner around the bonfire, you can even hold a formal dinner on the beach. If you can afford it, don’t hesitate to hire a professional catering service who can even set up a gazebo for you right on the beach.

Choose your setting

With its versatile weathers and backdrops, the beach does offer different types of settings which you can use for your wedding, with the most popular being the sparkling turquoise lagoon. For a unique twist, however, you can have your wedding against a backdrop of rocks in the sea. These will add a rather rustic look to your ceremony. More importantly, this type of background drastically differs from the typical settings, which will bring a unique look to your wedding pictures.


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