2014 Wedding Trend Navy Blue
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2014 Wedding Trend Navy Blue

Wedding planning is ought to be shared by the couple and not just the bride. The man should also have the final say to the wedding details. Now, if your groom doesn’t like the idea of having an all too girly wedding, you two could compromise. A nice color base for weddings that don’t spell too much saccharine sweetness is navy blue.Actually, this 2014, navy blue is a hot wedding color. Find out how you can tweak this color to suit your wedding style.

Navy and Sparkles
Complement with some sparkles
If you’re rooting for a glamour wedding, you could add white accents and sparkles with the navy blue base. For your bridal gown, you could have a beaded white top. Your bridesmaids could go for beaded belts with their navy blue gowns. The fun thing to add to your ensemble are sparkly accessories. Think about studded clutches, sandals, tiaras and jewelry.

Add a pop of yellow
Add a pop of bright yellow
Going all dark on your wedding day may be monotonous and boring. Throw in a dash of bright yellow into your darling wedding set up – your dresses, the reception area, the church aisles. You can do this by having a jar of lemon candies by the dessert table, having yellow roses as your bridesmaids’ boquets and tying yellow ribbons on the chairs near the aisle.

Navy blue with green and yellow
Match it with Kelly Green and Straw Yellow
For an unconventional wedding allure, try mixing navy blue with some calming colors like Kelly Green and Yellow Straw. This bold move is perfect for model brides who strive to go for a fashion-forward wedding. It might take a lot of cash for drafting a modish navy blue body-hugging dress with pop up skirt and Kelly green and straw yellow design details, but it’ll all be worth it. Donning green stilettos and decorating your reception with green and yellow chairs will add casual elegance too.

Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Attire
Make an elegant twist with camel and white
Nautical-themed weddings are as common as the seagulls on the seashore of Central Pacific islands, but make yours stand out with camel and pristine white as sub colors. Go for camel-colored accessories like straw hats, boat ropes and women nail polish. Suggest this color theme to your wedding stylist and describe the nautical sophistication that you want to achieve. If she’s good enough, then she’ll know what to do.

Nautical Theme


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