2014 Wedding Trend: Black and White Stripes
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2014 Wedding Trend: Black and White Stripes

There are tons of wedding themes to choose from, but if you want to go with classic sophistication, then you should make yours a black and white stripe wedding. Black and white may be the plainest of all colors, but when paired together, you should watch out for the eventual magic the duo can bring. Know how you can achieve this kind of charm below.


Bridesmaid Dresses
Striped dresses can be oh-so stunning if the styling is done right. It’s so Audrey Hepburn. Timeless classic, full blown refinement. You can talk to your fashion stylist regarding the style and textile that you want to pursue. You can choose between wide stripes and thin stripes. Wide stripes are ideal for modish, simple cuts. With thin stripes, you can do a lot of styling, arranging stripes on multiple ways for that chic look. For color accents, you can wear solid-colored shoes.


Paper Straws
Another subtle way to integrate black and white stripe into your wedding is through paper straws. You can use them on water bottles, beverages and colored drinks. You can even cover an apple candy stick with it for some style.

Stripe Flower Ribbons

Wedding Signage
Integrate the black and white style into your wedding signage – table numbers, reception directions, table reservations and guest book lists. It will give out a sort of retro glam.
Wedding Cake
For a unique wedding cake, you could have a three-layer vertical striped cake. Simple, yet voguish. For some accents, you could line some white flowers on each layer base.

Striped Wedding Decor

Table Accessories
An easy way to style your wedding tables is by having a black and white table mantle or just a striped table liner on the center. The choice is entirely up to you. You could also make use of solid black kitchenwares – black plates, black spoon and fork. You could tie a white ribbon or some white accent just to break out the monotony.

Stripes wedding backdrop

Overhead Curtains
Overhead curtains can cheer up a rather empty reception room. Line up some lights along the curtains and you’re good to go. You wouldn’t need a huge chandelier to light up the entire room.


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