2014 Wedding Color Trend: Neutrals
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2014 Wedding Color Trend: Neutrals

There are billions of hues in this world. How could a woman make up her mind when faced with a billion choices? Let this article help you convince that Neutral Glam is the dazzling choice this 2014. Now, choosing neutral has limit your choices to thousands. Fast elimination, huh? To choose those perfect hues perfect for you, read on.

Wedding Details in Neutral

Neutrals aren’t bias to anyone.They look good on both dark- and fair-skinned women. See, this is one thing that the bride has to consider aside from her own personal interest. After all, you know your friends’ fashion weaknesses, you wouldn’t have to rub it on them if a certain color works for you and not on her. You would feel terrible if another color works the other way around.

Neutral Paint Palette

Neutrals aren’t limited to whites and greys.Pale pinks, light browns and subtle blues can also be considered neutrals. You aren’t restricted when you go for neutrals. It’s just that your color tone is light and pale. It doesn’t hurt the eyes and it is actually calming.
If you pick neutrals, you could pick out a second theme which would support your whole wedding theme. Say, would you rather have a rustic, paper kind of wedding? Or the neutral glam kind of wedding? With the former, you could include paper art, handwritten notes and cutout novels in your DIYs. As with the latter, you could add some gold and silver into your neutral color base to spice things up.

Bride and Bridesmaids in neutral gowns

Same principle goes for the bridesmaid dresses. For a rustic mood, you could just pick out plain, flowy textiles. For the neutral glam theme, you could have glitter gowns and laces. If you think pale is boring, then the glitter option is a great way to zest things up.

wedding decoration

To avoid the chameleon effect on the decorations, you could actually choose to accent with slightly darker hues. On table settings, say, you could include crystal glasses and aluminium vases. Just make sure that the things are coherent to look at.

Neutral Look

The neutral look is oh-so sophisticated, especially the neutral drama effect that makeup artists do with the eyes. It’s just brown, cream and black eye shadow transformed into perfect seduction. Neutral shades of nail polish even add the urbanity into your entire aura. Those slim fingers surely will look great on your wedding ring wedding photos. Now, that’s a reason to groom your nails into utmost classiness.


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