2014 Top Trend: Dramatic Wedding Veils
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2014 Top Trend: Dramatic Wedding Veils

Everyone present on the wedding cannot contain their excitement for the lovely pair. Everyone just want to see how the bride looks that day, but nobody can level with the excitement and eagerness of the groom in seeing his bride. Veils build up that anticipation, only allowing the audience to see the silhouette of the bride’s body and a faint trace of her face.

Dramatic Wedding Veils

There were several assumed reasons of how the veil came to be – a sign of virginity and purity, a protection against the wind and sun for women living near the deserts, a tool for preserving the modesty of women and many more. As for you, make a lasting bridal entrance on 2014 with one of these dramatic wedding veils.

Long-length Veils
If you want instant glamour and majestic vigour, opt for long-length veils. Long veils are still classified into floor-length veils, chapel-length veils and Cathedral-length veils. The latter are the longest, extending to about 120 inches long and considered as the most formal type. These veils are ideal for full length, classic bridal gowns. Aside from the added elegance on the aisle, these long-length veils can be utilized to create dramatic wedding photos. Imagine your long, flowy and sheer veil dancing with the breeze as your groom plants a kiss on your soft lips.

Cathedral Length White Lace Edged Wedding Veil

Laced Veils
Being a woman, you are always particular of the details and intricacies of articles. When it comes to your veil, embroideries always add an elegant touch. Whether you’re donning a shoulder-length, elbow-length or a knee-length veil, lace is a sure way to go. One tier veils would be enough for laced veils. You don’t want to overdo it. Also, since your veil is already intricately designed, your dress is better off simple, but elegant looking.

Lace Embroidered Wedding Veil

French Nest and Birdcage Veils
French nest and birdcage veils are visor veils which do not extend past the chin. This type is for the bold bride whose gown is a little eclectic, modish or sophisticated like one with a high-neck detail dress. Usually, these types of veils are commonly used on vintage weddings. You can actually have fun with them by lavishing them with Swarovski crystals, silk or feathers.

Birdcage Veil with Feather and Pearl

Boho Veils
Having a southern homey wedding or a summer wedding? Then boho veils are the right ones for you, love. Pin that romantic bohemian bride look with boho veils, styled in whatever way you want. You can use laces with big flowers on the side, or even art-deco inspired ones made from beads and sparkly jewelleries.

Boho Wedding Veils

Whatever wedding veil you choose, just make sure that the style, length, color and material used would jive perfectly with your wedding dress.


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