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Stylish Angel Wedding Theme

Angel theme weddings evoke images of fluffy white feathers for angel wings, cute bare-bottomed cherubim with harps, Greek columns and urns. But angel themes can be soft and dreamy, and even shabby chic. Go for pale colors, like baby blue and soft lilac or pale light dusty rose combined with sage green and mingle some smatterings of gold. Decide whether you’ll go for the classical white angel wedding or vintage rustic type of angel themed wedding.

Stylish Angel Wedding Theme Bridal Gown

If you go for the classical, pick out a heavenly angelic theme for your wedding gown– like a slim fitting silk gown – with gold beads and crystal trimmings. Choose soft and flowing fabrics like organza – it’s perfect for a gold beaded cap sleeve and an A-line chiffon bodice. Try white chiffon gowns with hints of gold accents for your bridesmaids.

Stylish Angel Wedding Theme Simple Tiara

Adorn their hair with a simple thin gold band – or something studded with golden stars and small suns. Let your flower girls carry star-shaped or sun-shaped wands – with streaming white and gold ribbons. The men can go for the black tux. Or if you’re going for shabby chic angel themed wedding, think off white flowing gown with an old rose garland on your head as your hair with golden locks hang loose – let the men wear a dapper ensemble of winter apparel. You can bet you will look oh so chic and romantic.

Stylish Angel Wedding Theme Favor

Sprucing up the wedding venue should be fun. Twine the doorways and windows with a chain of small white lights. Garnish the space with bare tress, add some sparkling white lights, hang small cherubs and miniature golden harps and trumpets from the branches.

Hang angel wreathes around – use it as the table’s centerpiece. Or use a round mirror and pepper it with gold and silver glitters then put a tall candle pillar in the middle. Pick out something that resembles a Grecian column. Embellish the pillar with vines with green and pink flowers. Hang angels flying from the ceiling – add some cotton to make it appear they’re flying up in the feathery down of clouds.

Stylish Angel Wedding Theme Decoration

Put some spunk on your wedding by providing angel wings and flower garlands for the guests –even the not so little angels will love them.

Stylish Angel Wedding Theme Cake

Use a gold and silver palette for your wedding cake – you can choose harps and trumpets and cute cherubs or just stars and suns and old rose and sage green flowers. For your wedding favors, go for chocolate-shaped cherubs wrapped in gold boxes, or angel lollipops or cookies. Or sweet smelling angel-shaped soaps.


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Unique Wedding Ceremony Seat Ideas

Gone are the days of typical and monotone wedding arrangements. New and extraordinary ways are now on hand to make your wedding unique. Creative seating decors and arrangements are one of the details that make a wedding event one of a kind. Fantastic and beautiful seating decors and arrangements on the wedding ceremony venue add pleasure to the eyes.

Personalize the most endearing event with various range of seating arrangements to leave an overwhelming impression on the guests. The following are few of the exceptional wedding seat ideas to help you pick the best setting that will fit your wedding theme.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Hay Bales

Hay bales – a unique wedding seat idea perfect for farm theme, ranch style or outdoor weddings. Turn out those bales of hay into an outlandish bench for wedding guests. Just tie a table cloth or lace cloth on its edges and a small bunch of flowers or ribbon on its side to put a little accent on it. Groups of arranged hay bales create a conventional wedding ambiance.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Pastel Seats

Wedding pastel seats – a comfy yet bizarre type of seat for weddings especially on exclusive weddings where guests are few like very important persons only. The visitors may feel special treatment on this kind of wedding seats because of the comfortable sense.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Wooden Seats

Wooden seats – bringing back the old fashion at this generation creates a new and fresh type of wedding seats. To diversify and make it more unique put some trappings or backdrop to coin a little adornment such as tied curtains on its back. Uniform wooden seats with perfect sitting arrangement on the wedding place build an overwhelming mood to the visitors. Wooden seats are ideal for almost any type of wedding setting like garden wedding, beach weddings, church weddings and more.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Flower Seat Drapery

Flower drapery seat – carries out an elegant and grandeur looking type of wedding seat. This type is ideal on very special weddings like weddings held on five star hotels. The flower drapery style designed at the back of the chair bears a stylish outlook. The flowery decor gives out an enchanting and welcoming overall elegance.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Comfy Seat Cushions

Cushion seats – are extraordinary type of seat for weddings. Cushion seats are best for summer beach weddings or garden weddings where guests can sit back and relax while witnessing the exchange of vows. The relaxing and soothing setting removes the tense and nervy feeling of the couples and the family of both parties.


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Celebrated Celebrity Weddings at 40

True love can happen after 40. After all, didn’t they say, life begins at 40? Some of these celebs found true love late in life. Or so they thought. Find out who they are:

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher
Asthon was still in grade school when Demi made it big time in the movie Ghost. She was 43 and he was 27 when they got married in 2005, making her the most popular cougar in tinsel town. Demi was engaged to Emilio Esteves and had two previous marriages – song writer Freddy Moore and Bruce Willis. Demi and Ashton got married underneath a chuppah. And her wedding guests included her ex husband Bruce Willis. Demi wore a cream Lanvin gown. In 2012, Ashton filed divorce papers while Demi filed in March 2013.

 Celebrated Celebrity Weddings at 40 Demi Moore

Sandra Bullock
Actress and producer Sandra Bullock was 40 years old when she married 35-year-old professional bodyguard and host of Monster Garage, Jesse James. They got married in a twilight ceremony under a white-circus tent in the Santa Ynez valley wine country of Santa Barbara. Sandra arrived in a red truck and was decked out in an Angel Sanchez white lace wedding gown. The guests thought they were attending a birthday party and were told to come in casual attire. The couple divorced in June 2010 citing discord or conflict of personalities as their grounds.

Celebrated Celebrity Weddings at 40 Sandra Bullock

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
Nicole Kidman was 40 years old when she married Keith Urban. Nicole cried all the way to the church and during the ceremony. It was an emotional yet beautiful ceremony, Keith cried too when he looked at her. They looked at each other as if they were the only two people in the church – amidst the solemnity and elegance and later on extreme screaming and excitement from the guests. It was an all-candlelight romantic wedding ceremony. Nicole was glowing in a Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga wedding dress. After seven years of marriage, the couple intends to say “I do” to each other one more time as they renew their vows in Australia this June.

Celebrated Celebrity Weddings at 40 Nicole Kidman

Julianne Moore
Julianne Moore exchanged “I do” with director Bart Freundlich when she was 43. The oscar-winning actress is nine years older than her handsome husband. They got married in 2003 and since then they have had one son and one daughter. Her first marriage when she was still in her early 20s to actor John Gould Rubin lasted 10 years. Today, Julianne makes sure she maintains a balance in her work and personal life – making time for her husband and kids.

Celebrated Celebrity Weddings at 40 Julianne Moore


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Unique Wedding Aisle Ideas

Weddings are one of the special events that happen in one’s life. Ever wonder why weddings sometimes take almost a year to prepare? This is because the couple wants every detail to be straightened out before the big day. They simply want it to be picture-perfect as it will be the most memorable time that they will reminisce when they grow old. No matter how many times they renew their vows, their wedding day still remains the most momentous occasion of all.

Unique Wedding Aisle Hanging Garden Wheels
Wedding planning does not start and end with the outfit, the color motif, the ceremony or the food. The wedding aisle has the biggest part of the event and it should be prepared dramatically as well. Whether the event is happening indoors or outdoors, there are unique styles of making the center aisle special like no other.

Unique Wedding Aisle Patterned Petals Adorn the aisle with do-it-yourself baby’s breath or lavender flowers in tin cans if the event is outdoors. This is a unique style of freshening up the venue especially if it’s a garden or backyard wedding. Just one tin can the size of a pail in each row of seats can make the venue lively and full of zest. Single-colored flowers give a touch of elegance in this laid-back theme while colorful blooms add up joy and giggles to the event.

Unique Wedding Aisle Statement Ramp
Outdoor weddings are best admired if there is something unique in it. Not the typical seats and bouquets or banquet and officiating table. For style and funkiness, the couple can hang up colored rim of bicycle wheels on the side lines. They can use it as decoration or flower holder. Hanging them in different lengths add up some style. Also use flower variations for a hanging garden effect.

Unique Wedding Aisle Blooms on Pails
Some wedding aisle details are admirable when used indoors or outdoors. The trend of couples today is wearing statement shirts why not use it on the wedding runway? Instead of rolling down the heavy red carpet, roll down personalized tarpaulin with a statement. They can have their names with “Mr. and Mrs.” and the wedding date printed on it. Or they can adorn the walkway with patterned petals that will be totally swept apart once the bride and the entourage come to march. The wedding train will be leaving trails of petals behind creating a mellow touch to the aisle.

Unique Wedding Aisle Vintage Lanterns
The use of wedding lanterns is also upbeat. What can make it unique? Use it in a night wedding and literally use it as a lantern. Put these lighted lanterns along the aisle to light the bride. And what can be more heavenly than seeing the bride, all dress in white and with a bouquet in hand, walking down the dark aisle lit only by lanterns. Let some soft lighting effect put spotlight on her and there you go, the bride going towards her groom.


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The Top Expensive Bride

If you don’t have oodles of money to burn then all you need is love to get married. But not when you’re up to your neck with tons of money, you need love plus a whole load of style to get married, with a hefty sense of panache and extravagance.
Now, if you define extravagant as “recklessly wasteful” or “unrestrained” then read on, and find out the top expensive brides.

Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola
The year was 1993 when Mariah Carey tied the knot with Sony Music big boss Tommy Mottola. Mariah walked down the aisle all bedecked in an ivory silk confection by Vera Wang. She wore a diamond-covered tiara. Yup, diamonds, baby! Her wedding gown had a 27-foot train and she had fifty – that’s five, zero flower girls that tended her while the New York’s St. Thomas Church’s boy’s choir sang as she walked the bridal march. Four years later, the couple divorced.

Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola

Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky
Up the famous and fashionable city of New York, Chelsea Clinton marched down the aisle to exchange wedding vows with boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky in a private ceremony. It was in July 10, 2010 when Chelsea finally donned her $15,000 Vera Wang wedding gown with rhinestone sash circling her waist. Celebrities gazed her special event and few of them are Oprah Winfrey and Madeleine Albright. Among the 400 guests is also Barbara Streisand who watched her walking down the aisle with her father. The occasion has an estimated $5 million cost.

The Expensive Bride Chelsea Clinton

Elizabeth Taylor and Larry Fortensky
In 1991, 59-year-old Oscar-winning actress Elizabeth Taylor and 39-year-old construction-worker Larry Fortensky exchanged “I do’s” at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. The eight-time bride wore a pale yellow Valentino gown tagged at $30,000. It was a lavish wedding and People magazine reportedly paid $1million for exclusive coverage of their wedding. Taylor donated the money to AIDS research. The wedding was ill-fated and ended in divorce in 1996.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
Castles are a persistent theme in celebrity weddings. Perhaps it has something to do with fairy-tale romance. In 2006, the couple tied the knot in a private castle in Bracciano, Italy – the Odelscalchi Castle. The said castle rents for $50,000. Katie chose Georgio Armani to design her wedding gown – beaded and decked out with Swarovski crystals and lace. Rumor has it that Kaye spent a whopping $3,000 on her lingerie. Now, that’s extravagant. The couple divorced in 2012.

The Expensive Bride Katie Holmes


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The Magical Fairytale Wedding Theme

Dreaming of a fairy tale wedding? Yes, you can create your very own happily-ever-after wedding. You can either go to the extreme — with all the Cinderella pumpkin coach wedding favors to glass slippers or swing to the other end of the pendulum, by going subdued fairytale-ish ethereal and tasteful touches. Either way, you can be your own fairy tale princess on your big day.

The Magical Fairytale Wedding Theme Introductory Photo

Pick out your own fairytale iconic princess – the sophisticated and classy bride princess that you’ve been dreaming of. Then choose your fairytale wedding gown. Do you want to be Snow White? Go for an enchanting strapless tulle ball gown with a beaded apple blossom on the waist. Maybe Belle from Beauty and the Beast is up your alley— choose an elaborate draping and pleated ball gown with sparkling bodice of lace and crystal beads. Oh so luxurious and romantic. You can go more classical by choosing Cinderella – go for a spaghetti strap, satin with lace and shimmering crystals and beads and pearls – and why not add a long train? Do you fancy fairytale wedding gowns with long trains? Then choose Aurora of The Sleeping Beauty. Go for spaghetti straps, lace with metallic accents, crystal beads and pearls and satin flowers.

The Magical Fairytale Wedding Theme Flowers

Give your wedding maidens a sophisticated fairytale look by going for cocktail length organza with flowers and spaghetti strap in dreamy and enchanting colors. And your cute adorable flower girls – the smallest in your fairy tale wedding party – let them wear an equally cute and adorable tea length gowns in organza and satin with crystal beads and satin flowers in dreamy colors – eggplant purple, fuchsia, ivory white. Don’t forget the garland to complete the fairytale look. Or let the magic continue to them by letting them wear mini-bridal dresses.

The Magical Fairytale Wedding Cake

For the fairytale wedding cake, oh my, you can delight everybody by picking out your favorite princesses theme. Go for fondant, frosting in bold bright colors – make your fantasy cake come true.

The Magical Fairytale Wedding Theme Flower Girl Dress

For the wedding flowers, choose old colored roses like coffee rose, pink and green hydrangeas – loosely structured in vines to complete the magical feel.

The Magical Fairytale Wedding Favor Boxes

Use lamp posts festooned with small dainty flowers and draped with tiny fairy lights to give a hint of dream land. Enjoy giving your fairy tale wedding a touch of romance and tenderness and yes, magic.


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Top Trendy Styles for Wedding Flowers

Weddings are most romantic with bombastic floral treats during the ceremony and at the reception. Throw up a bunch of colors along the aisle using fresh flowers. And remember, centerpieces at the reception should also be served up with some glam.

Top Trendy Styles Orchids Wedding Flowers

Pick up a theme and hover through the bundles of bouquet that will bring a super-luxe look at the wedding.

Spruce up the entrance of the wedding ceremony venue or the wedding reception venue with personalized initials of the bride and groom using adorable flowers. It simply gives a twist to the way people look at flowers as mere centerpieces and bouquets. White daisies with a bunch of green hydrangeas may do the trick. Or mix and match flowers straight from the backyard and see how it can create drama to the initials.

Top Trendy Styles Initials Wedding Flowers

Country style weddings can make use of birch branches spruced up with chic country flowers gathered up in tall vase. The blooms will look like an inverted chandelier right at the center of round reception tables. Add further bucolic touch with wheat grass and dahlias. An archway made of red dogwood branches can also enliven the country style theme.

Candy hues of bright colors can make the reception utterly full of life. Use yellow and orange bouquets set on top of a lemon mound for a lively citrus theme. It can definitely spell summer or spring. Guests will be looking around with awe and the newly wedded couple will surely receive more praises for being stylish. Lemons and oranges can also be placed inside clear vases while holding the bouquet in place.

Top Trendy Styles Lemon Wedding Flowers

Complete a Bohemian style wedding with a floral headpiece. Pick up some white or baby pink or baby blue peonies for a vintage finish. Or you can go for yellow roses with some garden greens for a finale. Peonies are one of the favorites too during weddings so might as well join the bandwagon. They come perfect in peach, white and pink.

Top Trendy Styles Ranunculus Wedding Flowers

White ranunculus flowers can line up the aisle. Bundle it up in balls and let stand in short pillars from the entrance to the altar. For a summer feel, pick up the orange and red hues. Lilies are also pleasant to the eyes and can even end up into the bride’s hands as absolute show-stopping wedding bouquet.

Top Trendy Styles Bohemian Wedding Flowers

Tulips and cymbidium orchids are truly exotic choices. They are best in garden weddings. The distinct colors of lavender, purple, white and blue are perfect combination for chic foliage of wedding blooms. Cymbidium orchids of orange and green colors can lavishly adorn the bride herself.


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Top Trendy Styles for Red Wedding Accessories

Be the perfect stunner during your wedding. Who says colored theme weddings should only go with the gowns? There are actually many ways of showing off the wedding color through the final outfit of the bride, the groom, the bridesmaids, the groom’s men, the ring bearer and the flower girls. Some even have special instructions for their wedding guests like wearing a specific color of hair accessory or shoes or lipstick or sash.
To get the blazing effect of a red themed wedding, use the color in various ways.
Top Trendy Styles Red Sash

An ultra-white bridal gown is perfect for reds. The bride can show off a bloody red bouquet of roses with few garden greens. The bundle of reds leveled on her navel is all she needs so anyone can perfectly guess her wedding theme color. The groom and his men can also use a deep red rose as pocket flower.

Topwedding Red Garters

While the whole entourage can go for the all-white dresses, they can also use a detachable red sash worn diagonally on their body or across their waist. The men can pick red ties to match their black or red suits.

Top Trendy Styles Red Wedding Gloves

The wedding accessories such as flower girl baskets, ring bearer pillow, unity candle, guest book and garter can be adorned with one big red bow for a romantically loud theme. Or they can use tiny bits of red bows thrown all over the accessories for a sweet effect.

Top Trendy Styles Red Wedding Accessories Set

Ladies are to polish their nails with strikingly red finish. Don a nail art and get a glittery nail look with rhinestones. Tying the knot on a cold weather? Put on red formal gloves for a sexy look. Wear a noticeable bling on one of the fingers while the bride wears nothing except the wedding bond.

Topwedding Red Wedding Shoes

The wedding dresses can also have a peeping red color as embellishment. It can be red beads thrown all over the bodice or a slip of red fabric by the hem or on the slit side. Some chooses a pure white wedding gown with traces of red embroidery on the long train. The dresses of the bridesmaids, maid of honor and flower girls can all be designed to only have a peek of red.

Red Wedding Flowers

While the ladies can wear sparkly red shoes, men can wear matching red socks to perfect the entourage. Or let the ladies wear white shoes and the men black shoes while the bride dons the red shoes all by herself. The groom can wear stylish red leather shoes too! If it’s a little too loud for his personality, then the red socks will definitely do.


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Skateboard Wedding Theme Ideas

Can’t seem to get the skater boy persona from you and your groom? Did your skateboards bump into each other back then? Is that how you met? Then have a skateboard wedding theme. Think of yourself in wedding gown while riding on some skates. Cool, eh? There’s nothing childish in it. Actually, it’s fun, liberating and unique! So gather up your crew and start planning on your skateboard wedding. Here are some tips for you to break the usual brainstorming ice.

Skateboard Arena Pictorial

Half-Pipe Bridal Pictorial
After your wedding ceremony, you could at least convince your photographer to have an epic pictorial on the street or on some Mega Ramp or even just some half-pipes. Make sure each of you have a skateboard to make the pictures look interactive. For an even more dramatic pictorial, you could have it an empty swimming pool.

Burger Joint Resto

Burger Joint Resto Reception
As for your reception, you could adopt a vintage burger joint resto. It’s where skaters love to eat calorie-rich food which would replace the burn out carbs. Give everyone milkshakes with some striped paper straws to sip on. Salted just-fried French fries would also be happy welcome treats for your guests. You could level up and go couture with your main course presentation. Ask your caterers on how to pull it off.

Skateboard Guest List

Skates as Signage
Write a “Just Married” sign on skateboards and include them in pictorials. They’ll be adorable props your guests would love to play with. You could also use skates in your wedding seat plan directions, wedding menu showcase and other wedding signs that you will need in the reception.

Colorful Skates

Skates as Guest Book
To remember everyone who witnessed your special day, you could pass around a special skateboard which they could write on. Let them write their messages, wishes and other whatnots in there. Make sure the pen that you distribute would stick on to the skate surface and not be easily wash out.

Cake Toppers

Skate Cake Toppers
Get rid of the usual bride and groom cake toppers and go for the casually cool couple with a skateboard. These would be mini yous. You could just buy existing ones in the market or you could have a custom made pair with your distinct features incorporated. You could also style the cake like a skateboard mini ramp. That would be the coolest.


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Long-Distance Themed Wedding Ideas

This is it. The day when distance shrinks and both of your worlds collide to be as one. Finally, all those timezone calculation, plane ticket bookings and Skype dates would be buried in your love history book. Because now, you’ll take on the world as Mister and Misis and you’ll finally live together – eating breakfast at the same time and observing the same sleeping pattern. You and your long distance partner are finally getting married!
Now, it’s time to show the world how long distance relationships (LDR) could actually work. Make it your wedding theme. Below are some inspiration.

Mail Invites

Long Distance Wedding Invites
Make use of the royal blue and red snail mail envelope when creating your wedding invites. Add some Shakespearean drama into the modern day world romance by emphasizing your communication efforts amidst the electronic means of correspondence. Use a typewriter font to augment authenticity of the invite. It may be simple, but this style would mean so much.

Airplane Photoshoot

Airplane Photoshoot
Planes are common LDR symbols. It signifies the distance there is between the both of you. Remember how the both of you would subscribe to seat sale alerts so you could sneak up from work just for the weekend to see the love of your life? Have your picture taken in front of a private plane to immortalize this barrier that your love for each other has conquered. Or better yet, hire a private jet for some grand entrance.

LDR Wedding Signages

“Now Boarding” Signs
Extend the plane saga all throughout the wedding. On the reception, have boarding signs available for your guests. You can play with airport terms when announcing table numbers. Just for fun, you could even ask the waitress and waitresses to dress as flight attendants to set the mood. It’ll be a fun flight!

LDR Guestbook

World Maps and Luggage
For your guest book, you could have your guests write on paper notes pinned into a world map. You could have stamps as accessories waiting on the sides. For the world map’s support, you could pile up some extra large luggage and suitcases. The party’s theme success depends on the details.

LDR Table Setting

Menu Passport
It’s time for eating, but you could still incorporate your LDR wedding theme in it. Place passport menus or paper planes on the tables. Passport menus are passport-like papers with the menu printed on them. If you’d like it, you can even add some Reception Program Passport.Celebrate for your love has surmounted the distance.


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