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Flower Girl Tutu Inspiration Dresses

Flower girls, with their rosy cheeks and angelic eyes are already adorable on their own. They have the certain charm that can seize everybody’s attention during the entire wedding ceremony. Do you know what will make these girls more adorable than ever? Just try to tutu skirts.

Feather Tutu

Tutu dresses make wonderful flower girl dresses for the refined little ladies. Just by fine-tuning the tulle type, design, colors and accents, a tutu dress can be made appropriate for a wide variety of themed weddings. To start you up, here are examples of delightful flower girl tutu dresses.

Flowered top tutu dress

A classic style of tutu dresses is incorporating a sash accessory which ties into a big bow at the back or in the front. For a fashionable, bold move, choose a sash color which would pop against the plain top. For subtle, exquisite and blissful effect, choose a sash in a color that complements the dress hue.

Crochet top tutu dress

A favorite cut for tutu dresses is the empire cut (as if a tutu skirt is not already endearing enough). Usually, the upper portion of the dress is short, just under the breast area. From that line then starts the flow of the tutu skirt, stretching all the way to an ankle-length or even a little longer. To make things interesting, the top can be adorned with flowers, giving an illusion of a purely flowered top. This style would be perfect in pastel shades, appropriate for garden weddings.

Spaghetti Strapped Ful Length Satin and Organza Flower Girl Dress

To provoke a sense of simple country finish on the flower girls’ aura, a crocheted top would be a smart and contemporary adoption. As much as possible, the tulle to be used should be matted and not sparkly or even shimmery. The last two options are reserved for non-crocheted tops.

Sleeveless Beaded Pick Up Ivory Flower Girl Dress with Pleats and Flowers

This heavily bodied trio-color tutu dress adorned with a huge flower on the center is modish chic. The key to achieving this look is to use three tulles, the colors of which pleasantly complement each other. With this type of tutu, glimmer tulles can be used for a soft shimmering sheen to the skirt.

Sleeveless Satin Flower Girl Dress in Ivory with Floral Waistline

Another tutu dress is made with two differently colored tulles, the darker one of which is of a sparkly type. This is perfect for a sunny, outdoor wedding – cheery and jovial. Let the girls wear a hippie flower band for some cute touch.

Two Toned Appliqued Satin A Line Flower Girl Dress with Bow Sash

Lastly, a tutu dress can be made of several layers of different kinds of tulle to achieve a fuller skirt effect. The ends of the outer layer can be embellished with feathers for a soft and magical touch.


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Unique Ideas on Flower Girl Baskets

A wedding isn’t complete without those cute little cherubs throwing flowers along the bride’s way. The ooohs and aaahs from the overseers of the bridal entourage is usually cresting when those little angels walk towards the altar in tiny little steps. It is believed that they symbolize the innocence that the bride once possess when she was also a child. The flowers they scatter were said to beckon fertility to the couple to be wed.

Flower-adorned basket

Flower girls always have their little baskets full of flowers with them. It would be nice to adorn the little ones with baskets that actually match their outfit, the wedding them and venue. Here are flower girl basket ideas that you can adapt on your own wedding.

Ivory Satin Flower Girl Basket with Red Rosettes

This simple woven basket is best for rustic, country kind of weddings. Often, simplicity translates to effortless sophistication. Let your girls wear floral headdress that match the basket’s decorations. These baskets are also easy to carry, just perfect for girls at tender ages.

Ivory Satin Flower Basket with Ruffled Lace Hem and Bow

If you’re having a Medieval wedding, then these golden buckets with oversized ribbons on each side would make a lovely touch. The flowers that would look enchanting on these pails are a multitude of tiny flowers like baby’s breath, stephanotis or Queen Anne’s Lace. Those miniscule myriads which can easily be thought of just being bouquet fillers can actually make dainty stand-alone posies.

Ivory Satin Square Flower Basket with Pearled Handle

Garden weddings or even Halloween-themed weddings (yes, there are these types) can make use of crafty Pumpkin flower girl baskets. The bucolic feel is just simply intriguing and poignant along with the circled wreath of dried stems. Add flowers on the rim for a jovial knack. Also, it doesn’t matter if the DIY basket came out a little bleak – that’s the whole point of the basket.

Ivory Satin Flower Basket with Bowknot and Pearls

If you want to take the flower girl’s basket a little literal, nobody is stopping you to do so. Actually, it will look very modish as long as you use the right type of plastic flowers to fill the basket. Tiny, dark flowers would be the perfect choice for this. But, why don’t you try fresh flowers instead? Just do the necessary preps to keep them looking fresh. Preserve the flower by placing it in aspirin water. You could also try refrigerating the flowers the night before the wedding.

Black and Red Satin Flower Girl Basket with Rhinestone

Another carefree but chic way of preparing your wedding baskets is by finding a nicely naturally designed shell and adding a lace strap into it. Just make sure the shell’s color is not dull and that its body is still intact and not yet brittle. This flower girl basket is oh-so-perfect for beach weddings.


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Wedding Drink Ideas for Your Big Day

It’s your wedding day, so keep those celebratory wedding drinks flowing for you and your guests. The drinks can tone down nervousness and can serve as conversation starts for your guests who don’t really know each other. It can also give way to a night of partying and dancing, so never underestimate the power of wedding drinks.

Dark Cocktails
To keep your wedding fun and alive, here are a few tips on how you can put up that impeccable wedding bar.

Individual Wedding Drinks

The Season and Venue Matters
Before buying out your favorite wine to serve for the party, think of the totality of your wedding first. Will it be on the hotel on a winter night? Will it be held on the beach front on a summer day? These factors would surely affect your drink choice and preparation.
For summer weddings, it’s best to go with light and sparkly champagnes. You can throw in some fruit slices into the drinks too or maybe put a local flower on top of the drink. Keep the white wines light red wines for summer weddings too. Now, if your wedding will take place on snowy nights, then you might go for the sophisticated burgundy types.

Wedding Drink Dispensers

Show Off the Local Best with Your Drinks
Now, if you’re having a destination wedding, you could make use of the local treats in your wedding drinks. For a Caribbean wedding, you might want to go with cocktails involving dark rum, pineapple juice and guava nectar. You can add mango slices in the drinks too. On the other hand, watermelon juice with Bourbon-soaked sugar cubes and alcohol are great for the Southern US weddings. Add mint leaves and peach slices and you’re good to go.

Glitter and Glam Wedding Details

Take Your Pick: Carafes, Jugs or Glasses

After you have decided with what type of cocktails you’re going to serve, you are now confronted with what wedding drink dispenser to go with. Glass jugs and carafes are cute vessels for serving wedding cocktails. It is a fun way of showing off the drinks’ colors and fruit components. You can also have laced glasses ready on the sides. You could provide stirrers with stars on it or striped straws. Mason jars are amusing choices too. Just make sure that the design is cohesive and not too overdone.

Wines with Appetizers

Make Way for Mocktails
Children are ever present on weddings and they might demand their parents for some “cocktails” too. Make a Mocktail (Cocktail without alcohols) Station for the non-alcoholic savvy guests like kids and some young ladies. Let them feel that they can party with drinks on their hands too.


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For the Bubbly Sophisticates: Yellow, White& Grey Wedding

Are you a fun and bright couple? Do you two keep your mutual friends’ parties alive? Yellow would definitely be a perfect choice as your wedding color. If you want to tone down the brightness a bit and add a dash of classiness, then pair yellow with any shade of grey. It’ll work. Integrate white too to compliment the bride’s wedding gown.

Bride, Groom and Entourage

The yellow, white and grey colors conjures a simple, comfortable and tranquil atmosphere, impeccable for rustic country weddings. Picture you and your crew outside a small chapel or a barn, laughing and making poses for the camera.It would just be delicately exciting. Let your bridesmaids wear grey gowns and disturb the monotony by making them carry yellow bouquets. Color popping is a great technique in fashion and in photography.

Yellow Wedding Trinkets

Speaking of flowers and bouquets, you can exude timeless bravura with calla lilies tied in grey ribbons for the bridesmaids. As for the bride, a more regal look is just right – yellow lilies patterned with other white bundled flowers like baby’s breath or hydrangea. Lilies are known to symbolize beauty and magnificence, the very words that describe the bride on her big day.

Wedding flower bouquets

But of course, there are other yellow flower options in case you can’t get your hands on those sillies. You can opt to go with chrysanthemums for joy, long life, fidelity and optimism. On the other hand, daffodils may be used to denote regard and chivalry. Daffodils are also often interpreted to mean new beginnings and eternal life – the start of your lives as a couple.

Solo Bouquet

Keep in mind the colors when planning major matters for your wedding like the cake, invitations, bridal entourage outfit and the reception area.It’ll keep the whole wedding solid and not speckled. Imply your wedding theme on the attendees through a yellow-and-grey wedding invitations. Alternate the colors on the cake layers or do color combinations on a layer. Have yellow pop outs on your ensemble like yellow shoes, yellow ties, yellow boutonnières and yellow headdresses.

Colored Wedding Trinkets
As for the wedding trinkets, there are lots of fun ways of creating crafts for your chosen wedding theme colors. You can readily buy yellow and grey striped straws from craft manufacturers. If you want, you can also make yellow, grey and white pompoms in different sizes to hang them on the reception area. You could even make DIYs necklaces for you and your bridesmaids.


Just be sure though to pick out the yellow and grey hues that would actually complement each other.


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Decent Manners to Your Wedding Guests

On your wedding day, you and your groom are supposed to be the recipient of everyone’s fervent attention, but that doesn’t mean it’s only you guys will be given the utmost comfort all throughout the day. Your guests deserve their fair share of special treatment too, especially those who come all the way from the other side of the world just to celebrate your special day. Here are some ways on how to pamper your wedding guests.


Tell them they’re sweet by giving them treats
When your guests arrive at the reception, they must be hungry after the church wedding ceremonies. Also, you and your groom may be instructed by the photographer to pose outside the church for a few snappies. There would be certainly some delay between the ceremony and meal time on the reception, so you may provide thank you treats along with a thank you note to your guests. Include kiddie treats for the young ones too. It’ll keep the toddlers entertained for a while.

Fluffy Slippers

Keep their feet warm and happy
Now, to cap all the wedding reception ceremonies, there will be lots of wine and dancing. However, how can you encourage your guests to dance if they are tired wearing their heels and black shoes for the whole day? Dancing on your feet is fun, but it’ll be not if the season is cold. So, hand them out these pink fluffy slippers. To keep their feet warm while dancing. These slippers are ideal when your reception is on a hotel. They can even take it to their rooms to use for the rest of their stay.

Rubber Slippers

Let them feel the sand on their toes
Now, if your reception is on the beach, then just use rubber slippers in colors which match your wedding theme! You can have them in several hues to keep the basket fancy and the guests hyped up for choosing. Rubber slippers would give their feet the much-needed relief and would be perfect for some beach walking on sunset.

Sweet Treats

Give them protection from the noonday sun
Having a backyard and a beach wedding is superb, but be sure that your guests would feel the same way. If your wedding ceremony is occurring on an early afternoon or might stretch a little bit to noontime, be prepared with umbrellas to give out to your guests. Creasing foreheads and sweaty faces wouldn’t be cute on pictures.



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The Chic Winter Wedding Dresses

Make your own fairy tale wedding even this coming winter. Choose a dreamy winter wedding dress and strut your way towards happy every after as you walk down the aisle in an icy season.

Chic Ruffle Wedding Gown with Feathers
Winter may not be the most colorful season to hold such a warm ceremony but for the romantics, any season is perfect to tie the knot. It’s just up to the bride and groom on how they will handle the intricacies of celebrating an intimate and unforgettable event of their lives. So before jumping on that honeymoon, perfect your winter wedding with the most romantic wedding dress.

Chic Mermaid Gown with Bow Sash
Look like a winter doll in a ¾ sleeved silk wedding gown with lace embroidery all over. The vintage cut can make the bride-to-be stand out from the crowd. Showcase a v neckline gown adorned with beads that intentionally show off the curves of the body. Match it up with a plain white sash across the waist for a modern look or do away with the extra fabrics and leave only a tulle overskirt or a beaded waist for a slender and classic look.

Chic Portrait Neck Ball Gown with Decorative Bows
Long sleeved lace satin wedding dress is as elegant as the holiday season. The bride will look even more stylish with the artistically embellished beads and sequins all over the dress. Since it is winter, a straight neckline dress will be perfect with a long sleeved lace wrap for a warm look.

Strapless Organza over Satin Ball Gown with Beading and Embroidery Detail
While winter is not nearly as perfect as spring or summer when brides can show off their flawless skin, it is still perfect in its own right for donning chic sleeved wedding gowns. Take the latest style of a puffed sleeved bridal number with ruffles. The square neckline is lined with tulle ruffles for a regal style.
Winter wedding gowns are perfect with feathers, too. Brides can choose a bodice covered with feathers or simply choose a one-shoulder gown in organza and satin fabric with few feathers and flowers as accents. Match it up with an up-do and a simple hair accessory or headband for a classy and elegant bride.

Strapless Satin Beaded Ball Gown with Rhinestoned Embroidery and Pick Up Skirt
Be the Bohemian winter bride and don a cap sleeved empire-cut wedding dress. The chiffon fabric is meant to flow along the aisle as the floral details are enhanced even in the court train. The simple cut of the dress is a sure win for the brides who still want to go for a Boho-themed wedding in the winter season.


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Wedding Chair Signage: Fun and Handy

Months before the wedding, you had already planned out your wedding guest list and the wedding seat plan. You would want all your guests to enjoy the day so you, together with your groom, delicately psychoanalyzed if your guests would enjoy their table companies. Of course, you have memorized the seat plan by heart. But, how would you direct each of your guests to their respective seats?

Mrs. Always Right and Mr. Right

Don’t burden your wedding planner by flashing her pictures of your relatives’ and friends’ faces with corresponding names. Besides, their faces might be different on the pictures of them that you have. You know, make up, change of hairstyle, weight difference? Yeah, so to guide your guests in finding their seats in a non-awkward manner, make the reception seat search fun with wedding chair labels!

Silver Alloy Bell Place Card Holder with Dangled Heart

For guests, have their names written, painted, embossed on a piece of chalkboard, wooden plank, picture frame or dangling papers. The choice is yours. Place these labels on the back of the chairs. Tie them with a ribbon or a thin rope. Add flowers or whatever trinket that would match your theme. You could even leave it hanging it on the sides for a casual effect.


You could also do the same for the entire bridal entourage. Have their roles and/or names displayed on the back of their assigned chairs. You could use “Maid of Honor”, “Father of the Groom” or “Mother of the Bride” as alternate labels. Be creative. Have fun.

Guest Name Label

During the eating part of your ceremony, have two empty chairs placed in front of you and your husband. Place the signs, “Stop By” and “Say Hi!”. Tip a friend or two to be the first ones to sit on them and have a little chat with you. Your other guests will know what to do. This is a bright idea that you can do on your wedding day so you could have chance of chit-chatting with all of your guests on your wedding day. Actually, this is already a tradition on some countries, but it is a great one to adapt on your own wedding day too.


Of course, everyone can have their own signs including the both of you! Everybody knows where the guests of honor(that’s the both of you) will sit, but placing labels on your own chairs can also add some wedding fun. You can opt to go with the usual “Mr.” and “Mrs.”, but there are always other cute ways on how to do it. Trigger a little laugh with “Mr. Right” and “Mrs. Always Right”. You could even use the ampersand sign – sweet and simple. If words don’t appeal to you, you can use silhouettes on frames instead – sassy and chic.


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Winter Wedding Wonders

When you and your soon-to-be husband picked out a date, have you thought of what season is it going to be that day? Maybe you’ll want to reminisce that first conversation you two had over a cup of coffee back when you two were stuck in a café because of the heavy snowing outside? Say yes to a winter wedding, it’s so going to be grand.Here are some of the perks of having a winter wonderland wedding.

Wintery Details

That Movie Poster Wedding Picture

If you think that a man professing his undying love to his lady under the snowflakes can only happen in movies, think again. With a wedding held on winter, you can absolutely make this fantasy come true. Think of you in that pristine lacey white dress with your man in a suit, pecking and kissing under the snow. Yes, snow drama princess, it’s possible.

Winter Wedding Picture

Dress Like You’re a Snow Princess

And since you are living out your snow princess dream, wear your title with pride. Carefully plan out your white bridal dress and your bouquet showing off some blush and neutral hues. Some brides would wear puffy overcoats to keep them warm – perfect when you still want a tube gown in the middle of winter.

Winter Gown and Bouquet

Offer Warmth to your Guests Literally
Finally, you could express your warm gratitude to your awesome friends and families with something tangible and edible – hot chocolate drinks and sweet munch ons. Keep them warm with these little goodies and keep these close to the reception entrance. Your guests will truly love this surprise. You can always play with the goodies. Chestnuts and marshmallows to be roasted right then and there perhaps?

Winter Treats

Say It’s Snowy on Paper
Also, you have to make sure that your guests come prepared. Don’t just give them warm treats to keep the cold out. Tip them to come in their most regal winter outfit. Say it in the invitations subtly. A winter-themed invitation would instantly give them the idea that your wedding will take place on days of snowfalls. That way, they’ll have the opportunity to plan out their transportation and outfit, including their shoes.

Winter Wedding Invites

Wintery Trinkets to Enjoy
Again, a party is made more fun if both guests and celebrants were entertained. Keep your wedding crowd interested and less bored with tiny winter wedding ideas. Extend the acorns on the men’s boutonniere and not just on the bride’s and bride’s maids’ bouquets. Let the guys display their participation too. Have the cookies on the snack bar cut in snowflake forms. Sprinkle some little styro balls on the venue to extend the wintery feel. You can do tons of stuff, but just remember to stick with the white, snowy theme.


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How to Wear Cowboy Boots with a Wedding Dress

Some women don’t really prefer high-heeled shoes even when they’re at work. They either find it hard to walk on them or they find it uncomfortable to wear or they just simply dislike it. A wedding just doesn’t make the cut to wear one either, even if it’s their own wedding. Nightmare? Absolutely not. You know what? You can wear cowboy boots with a wedding dress down the aisle! No, I am not kidding.

Bride Sitting in a Lacey Dress
Why wear Cowboy Boots on Your Wedding Day?

If you grew up to be a country girl and you met your groom in your city, then it would be sentimental to have a barn or ranch wedding. Think of yourself, riding a white horse in your flowy white wedding gown. The barn façade adorn with hanging LED lights and stringed cut-out flowers. Now, when you’re in your cowboy boots, you could just easily slip off your horse to your cowboy prince in poise.
On the other hand, it would also be practical to wear one. If you’re really going for that natural rustic wedding, then you should note that the path that you’re going to walk on is rugged with pebbles and granite. Wearing cowboy boots would make you feel more at ease.

Brown Cowboy Boots under Wedding Dress

What Type of Cowboy Boots Should You Wear with Your Wedding Dress?

The thought of wearing cowboy boots with dresses might scare off some brides, but if done correctly, it would be one unique and rocking bridal outfit of modern times. If you want to be safe, then you should go with brown boots with minimal embellishments and design. If you think brown is boring, then you could go all-white with white or light taupe cowboy boots – elegant, pristine and classy. Those bold brides who want to incorporate their color motif into their cowboy boots can wear color accented boots. Among the colored boots that you can fashion are brass-aqua, brass-multicolor and red. Be careful to choose those over-the-top booties as you may dwindle your bridal charm.

Bride and the Bridesmaids with Boots
It would be nice, especially in the pictures, if you and your bridesmaids could wear similar, same-hued boots. As a bride, you deserve to have all the attention to you on that day and to stand out, you could have a boot with a length slightly taller than theirs or you could have yours with heart cutouts or dainty floral prints.

Bride Wearing Cowboy Boots with Groom

What Type of Wedding Dresses Look Best with Cowboy Boots?

If you want show off that you’re wearing cowboy boots, you may opt to go with tea-length bridal dresses or the 1950s-style short ones. However, if you want to stand out from the entire bridal entourage, you can always choose the classic lengthy bridal dress – it doesn’t matter. Or, you can have a tea-length front dress with the length slowly increasing from the sides to the back.

Aqua Blue-Brass Cowboy Boots


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Tips on Creating Your Own Themed Wedding Snack Bar

Weddings stretch all the way from morning to midday or midday to even midnight. Your guests might have sacrificed their work day or even their day offs just to witness your special day. It is indeed a long day so be grateful for them and at least keep their tummies happy. Provide a snack bar for them.

Wedding Bar with Details

Choose a Theme

On planning your wedding snack bar, keep in mind your whole wedding theme from the colors to the style. You wouldn’t want the bar to be out-of-place in the wedding venue. Be creative in choosing a theme for your snack bar. If you and your groom have first met while buying candies, then go for the candy bar. If both of you are gym buffs and so are your expected guests, then have an Acai Bar or other healthy snack bar.

Acai Bar

Go for Variety

If your guests are varied – children, adults, vegetarian, health-conscious people and many more, you might want to see to it that your snack bar contains many options without going beyond your theme. For example, if you’re planning to have a Cookie Snack Bar, throw in different cookie flavors. Have some plain butter, the ones with nuts, oatmeal cookies, fat-free cookies and so on. It would be best to label them too so your guests wouldn’t have to linger too long on the snack bar just figuring out what the selections are.

Cookie Bar

Dwell in Details

If you’re a hippie, then mason jars with stripes straws would certainly appeal to you. If you’re a quoted health sophisticate, then cupcakes with fresh fruit toppings would be your choice. Make your snack bar charming with little details that would make them look interesting. Put ribbons on toothpicks. Play with words. Write on blackboards or wooden planks. Place dainty bottles, shells and flowers beside the table. Another smart idea is to place these goodies on snack bar carts or cabinets instead of the usual table.

Smore Bar

Stir in Excitement in Your Guests

To set everyone in the happy and bouncing mood, give way for a snack bar interaction.Give them options to choose from. If you’re serving fries, give them several dip options. For a taco bar, provide beef, pork and chicken as meat, salsa, cheese or sour cream as dips. Provide little lacey cups or dotted cone cylinders as their food vessel and serving tools. The size of these cups and serving tools can depend on you. This way, you could also control the amount of food that the guests can take without them knowing.

Candy Bar


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