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Great Gatsby Wedding Inspirations

If you can’t get enough of Fitzgerald and his tales of the Eastern lifestyle, then host a 1920s wedding with a specific theme inspired by The Great Gatsby. Surely, you are like Daisy that day, a social butterfly with a voice that can allure everybody. So young, so beautiful. And your husband is Gatsby, a sucker for your attention. He will do everything just to impress and catch you. Live out that fantasy by having a Great Gatsby inspired wedding. Here are some of the things that you need to do in order to achieve that.

Great Gatsby wedding couple

The 1920s was a Golden Age, full of parties and glamorous people. Work on that main focus of your wedding story – the both of you. You need to have that exquisite, old-feel gown and go for French Nest veils adorned with feathers and studded ornaments. Or you could go for that boho-like wedding hair ties. Your groom should be looking crisp in his grey suite as well. Shoes should be squeaky clean.

Gatsby Girls

The women always rule the parties. They set the mood ever so often that they are the ultimate carrier of the party theme. So make sure that your bridesmaids are as glamorous as you too. Have them dressed flapper-style with silky sheaths and studded embellishments, feather accessories and luxurious shawls. Instruct the hair and makeup artist to have their coiffure styled similarly to achieve the royal crowd effect.

Golden Table

The Great Gatsby is a materialistic theme so make sure that your table setting says so. Incorporate the hues of gold, silver and ivory to accomplish this mission. Add fluffy feathers as centerpieces and go for heavily textured table covers. Don’t forget to accent some of the chairs.

Snacks for Wedding

If there is anything worth serving on your Great Gatsby inspired wedding then it would be ambrosia for your guests are the Golden Age gods and goddesses for that today. You can’t get the real ambrosia, but you can have your own version of classy desserts and cosmopolitans. Pay attention to the food and drink details. They shouldn’t be missed.

Na-ah, it’s not only the cuisine and beverage stations that need the detailing, everything else does. Even the art-deco table numbers can make a hefty difference. Start with your wedding invites all to the wedding flowers used to the wedding car. Even the reception program and the emcees’ accents and choice of words.

Experiment.Come on. Relive the 1920s and have the best time of your life.


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The Chic Flower Girl Hairstyles

Adorable hairstyles add fun and charm to the cute flower girls. From the gay floral to butterfly headpieces, they can also don a classic look with a simple bun or a majestic tiara. There are popular choices of styles that will cover the locks of the charming little ladies and it can go from easy-to-do to a quite complicated one.

The Chic Flower Girl Pigtails with Halo Hairstyle

Little girls can be as charming as they are but remember that they are still kids and tend to be playful like any kids their age. You would not want them tied on the chair while finishing their Celtic-inspired hair with lots of knots and ties or you better allot just a few minutes with their hairstyle and let them just strut their stuff.

The Chic Flower Girl Full Braided Hair Up-Do with Tiara

Flower girl hairstyles should not be that complicated. If possible, do not use too many hair pins and hair spray. They are kids. Let them carry a hair-do that looks fascinating, elegant and fun without the extra fuss.

An all-time favorite chic flower girl hairstyle is the pig tail. Divide the hair in two and hold both sides with an elastic band. This style will look cute in wavy or straight hair. Finish the style with a halo of flowers according to the wedding theme color. Some halos have beads as accent while some even use butterflies instead of flowers.

The Chic Flower Girl Straight Hair Do

Glam up your little dolls with a half up-do that emphasizes her waves and curls. Braid the upper part. You can do a half braid, a waterfall braid or a tree braid. You can also put ribbon laces in between the locks of braid for a playful look.

Regency Beaded Taffeta A Line Flower Girl Dress with Pick Ups

An up-do with twisted braids is perfect for indoor and outdoor weddings. Twist and braid the hair on the sides and bring the rest of the hair in a messy bun. A colorful feathery headband or a stem of flower can finish the flower girl look.

Tired of the neat and perfect ballerina bun? Lay down your girls’ hair for an elegant and laid-back style. Just gather the front hair and pull them by the side on to the back part like doing a half up-do only that the gathered hair will remain down at the back side. Clasp the gathered hair loosely and insert a stem of rose for a vintage drama.

The Chic Flower Girl Twisted Braid Hair Up-Do

Want to maintain your darling’s fresh look until the end of the celebration? Then finish her hair with a braided up-do. Braid the sides up to the end. Tie each end carefully gather them into a bun and sparkle up with a cute tiara set a little on the side of the top head.


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Top Five Extravagant Celebrity Weddings

In the showbiz world especially in Hollywood, wedding celebrations are one of the most celebrated events. The celebrity couples spare no expense as long as they get their dream wedding and get full satisfaction in their celebration of love. The following are one of the top five most extravagant celebrity weddings.

Amit Bhatia and Vanisha Mittal
The most luxurious wedding recorded in the modern history took place at Louis’ Palace of Versailles, Beirut, Lebanon when Amit Bhatia, a rich investor married Vanisha Mittal, daughter of the biggest steel company in the world, in June 22, 2004. 1000 guests from around the world were sent a 20-page elegant invitation, flown on Boeing jets, and stayed in 5-star hotels. The estimated cost of this 6-day wedding event ranges from $60 to $78 million.

Amit and Vanisha Loius' Palace in Versailles Wedding

Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding
The marriage of Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton is the wedding of the century and the most extravagant royal wedding in history. Prince William, son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana and Kate Middleton expressed their “I DO” last April 29, 2011. The overall estimated cost of the wedding was $34 million. The wedding ring costs $11,000.00; wedding cake – $80,000.00; cleaning – $64,000.00; the wedding gown – $434,000.00; the reception – $600,000.00; flowers – $800,000.00; and the most expensive detail of the wedding is the security with an estimated cost of $32 million.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding Cake

David Gest and Liza Minnelli
On March 16, 2002, David Gest, a 49-year-old music promoter, wedded a 56-year-old Hollywood star Liza Minnelli in Marble Collegiate Church in New York with star-studded guests including Michael Douglas, Dianna Ross, Barbara Walters, Elizabeth Taylor as the Maid of Honor and Michael Jackson as the Best Man. The reception of this lavish wedding with estimated guests of 1,000 people was celebrated at the Regent Wall Street Hotel entertained by Tony Bennett and a 60-piece orchestra. The wedding’s estimated cost was $3 to $4 million.

David and Liza's Best Man and Maid of Honor

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills
Paul McCartney, a former Beatle member, tied the knot with Heather Mills in St. Salvador’s Church in Ireland on June 11, 2002. The Indian-theme of the reception was the most outlandish detail of the wedding. The bride wearing an elegant lace gown walked down the aisle with a song composed by McCartney for her bride entitled “Heather”. Special guests include McCartney’s fellow musicians Elton John, Ringo Starr, and Eric Clapton. The reported estimated cost of the wedding was $3 to $3.2 million.

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills Indian Wedding Theme

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman
Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman got married on November 19, 2005 in Napa Valley, California. Christina walked down the aisle wearing a $30,000 Lacroix gown and a diamond rosary worth $10,000.00. The estimated cost of the star-studded wedding was $2 million.

Christina Aguilera Wedding Gown


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The Chic Metallic Wedding Theme

Wanting to ditch the subtle colors and go for a wedding extraordinaire with metallic hues? That’s clearly possible! The simplest technique is to use Midas touch in every wedding decoration. But that’s not all. Remember not to overdo the use of gold and silver or your wedding will end up looking like a Yuletide celebration.

The Chic Metallic Wedding Theme Cake Topper

The latest trend with metallic-themed weddings is using sparkly gold and silver touch in any color. You can match gold with bloody red, plum or fuchsia pink for a striking effect. Glam up your wedding with silver and finish your decors and gowns with a touch of tiffany blue, lavender or even sunny yellow.
Brides can be extra preppy and stylish with her glittery wedding shoes. A bright colored shoe peeping beneath the gown’s hem is a sure fashion statement. Match the groom’s socks with the look-at-me color and you’ll surely blow more wows from the crowd. For a really chic attire, a sparkly bow tie for the groom’s men and an equally shimmering headdress for the bridesmaids are sure winners.

The Chic Metallic Wedding Theme Shoes

Move the guests in the reception with a vibrant metallic do. Let them stare at the silvery balls hanging from the pillars of pastel colored flowers. Throw a gold table runner on top of the colored reception tables and match it up with silver or gold platters and table servers.

Don’t get behind the metallic show. The bride and groom should be raising flutes with metallic accents. Silver or gold plated toasting flutes will also do but seeing the sparkling champagne from the clear tube of glass could add more drama to the event.

The Chic Metallic Wedding Theme Toasting Flutes

Give away your “Thank you” with metallic themed silver favor cups. You can add a touch of elegance with glittering laces and rhinestones. Fill it with scented candles or metallic trinkets of paired hearts and flowers. You can even have your initials moulded in stainless alloy plated with gold or silver and give it away as giant key chains.

The Chic Metallic Wedding Theme Silver Favor Cups

Seeing your metallic inspired wedding cake marks the start of the celebration. The bride and groom can have their first dance near the head-turning golden wedding cake. This wedding piece is surely the center of attraction of such events aside from the look of the newly-wed couple. The edible gold or silver icing will complete the whole metallic idea of the wedding. What more? You can go and deviate from the traditional groom and bride cake toppers. Instead, add a glittering top with metal hearts for a sophisticated finish.

The Chic Metallic Wedding Theme Cake


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The Chic Purple Bride

Are you ready to make a statement on your big day?

Go ahead. Break tradition. Walk down the aisle on a purple wedding dress and feel like royalty. Purple is a mixture of blue and red – the steadiness and firmness of blue and the get-up-and-go oomph of red. That’s why purple symbolizes luxury, power, extravagance, wealth, mystery and yes, dignity and wisdom.

The Chic Purple Wedding Hat

Purple has always been associated with monarchs and crowns, so it wouldn’t really hurt if you add a purple crown or hat on your head to add a little bit more of purple flamboyance.

Go for a pretty strapless puffy organza and satin purple wedding dress – tote up more glam factor by using beads pattern over the ball gown. Move over, Princess Kate. Here comes, the purple queen.

The Chic Purple Organza Wedding Gown

Purple wedding dresses can come in a plum colored strapless ball gown. Or a satin tiered skirt with embroidery in hot royal purple. A sweetheart ruffled purple wedding gown with splashes of white will surely give out a collective wow from all the guests—groom included of course. Be a blushing beautiful bride on a classic strapless with crystal beads on a purple wedding dress. Or how about a purple strapless lace neckline ruffle satin? You can either choose the bold purple or the sweet lavender or lilac tone. Feel like a million bucks on a beautifully-fitted corset top and ruffled skirt ball gown – oh yes, in purple.

The Chic Purple Lace Overlaid Wedding Shoes

Eager to add more purple power to your wedding ensemble? Kick off your glass slipper and choose purple shoes on your wedding day. Don’t let anything hold you back by daring to make this purple statement. Whether you’ll get lilac or violet or royal purple – lace overlaid purple wedding shoes add a feminine splash to your wedding outfit. Beautify it, add some ribbons and crystals and beads. Let in the rest of your wedding party and don those spunky purple shoes – from lavender to bright purple to dark plum. It’s time for purple reign!

The Chic Purple Satin Wedding Gloves

To complete the purple dream, why don’t you dare put on a cute pair of satin bridal gloves? Or let your entourage put on those pretty purple gloves to complete the picture – choose from wrist length to below elbow length or above the elbow or the opera length. Embellish those purple gloves with beads and ribbons and crystals, if you wish. Imagine a purple lace fingerless below elbow length wedding gloves — perfect for your evening wedding.

While you’re at it, let your groom and his men, put on purple bow ties and let them join the purple wedding party.


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The Chic Winter Wedding Favors

Winter is all about snowflakes and mittens, chocolates and pine cones, coffee and books. But if you are getting married on winter time, will these cute stuffs be ideal as wedding favors?

White Hug and Kiss XO Soap Favor

Choose the perfect wedding favor in order for the guests to remember that an unforgettable event happened in winter. Make them feel that they are special by giving them wedding favors that come from the heart.Winter wedding favors may not always come in snowflakes but there are symbolic items that spell a romantic winter in every angle.

Green Cactus Shaped Candle with Pottery Holder (Set of 2)

Snow-white cake candles will surely bring the memories of the warm wedding in winter especially when it is lighted. It can come in two or three-layer design. A white lace ribbon as the candle cake topper can symbolize the purity of the event. To make the wedding favor perfect, give it away with a stainless candle holder.

The Chic Ivory Cylinder Candle Holder Winter Wedding Favors

The modern couple may consider a cylinder ivory candle holder as wedding give away. This is romantically perfect and practical at the same time. Choose the iron candle holder with a matching glass. Give away two symbolic iron holders with glass cups – one pair smaller than the other. The bigger one represents the groom and the smaller one the bride. Ivory colored favors are perfect for a winter wedding. Some also comes with snowflakes cut design all over the iron.

The Chic Cake Candle Winter Wedding Favors
Want to give the guests a classic remembrance from the winter wedding? How about a silvery heart-shaped candle with perfectly embossed edges? The shape is already a symbol of romance and union of two lovers. The silver color refers to the cold winter season. From silver, it can also come in gold for a more classic style. Guests can have these cute candles displayed in their homes or they can have these lit up whenever they wish to reminisce the good time they spent with you on your wedding day.

The Chic Gold Heart Candle Winter Wedding Favors

Winter is the season of hibernating for some animals. To people, it is definitely the perfect season to indulge in a book especially during the long holidays. Send a stainless steel bookmark as wedding give away to remind them that on your wedding day, you have remembered them as well. The stainless bookmark is a molded “love” word with a shiny silvery white tassel and comes in a box with clear fabric as packaging.

The Chic Stainless Love Boomark Winter Wedding Favors
A pair of coasters is also a perfect wedding favor. The personalized ones have the figure of the groom and the bride on the round metal coaster with the words “just married” at the bottom. It is a clear indication that the items are remembrance from the most romantic wedding they have attended during winter.

The Chic Round Stalinite Coaster Wedding Favors


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The Chic Blue and Orange Wedding Theme

Bring the vibrant blue and orange wedding theme to life. Set aside fear and instead be fearless enough to use these bright colors as modern wedding motif.

From the many shades of blue, it can be very hard to decide whether to use robin’s egg blue or tiffany blue or navy blue. After comparing and all, the bolder royal blue with the happy orange on the wedding pallet is still the best combination. Put together these pretty shades and create a calm and happy wedding reception that trails to a dreamy happy ever after.

The Chic Blue and Orange Wedding Theme Introductory Photo

Let the colors be picture-perfect with the great weather outside. An outdoor wedding will surely add fantasy and style to the colorful event. The versatility of royal blue goes very well with the sky or the ocean or the garden. Even if accented with bright orange, it can still exude elegance and tranquility.

Mix and match the colors in the wedding venue. Orange flowers can come in royal blue vases. Alternate the colors among tables and chairs. Tie orange and blue ribbons on tree branches or hang flower initials of the wedding color on the entrance of the venue.

The Chic Blue and Orange Wedding Theme Flowers

Let the bride wear a perfect white bridal gown with a mix of blue and orange bouquet. She can also don either a royal blue or orange sparkly shoes. The bridesmaids can alternately wear the colors and initially give an impression of an outdoor wedding while they hold their own fab umbrellas of either color.

Chic Blue and Orange Reception Dress

Strut down the aisle behind the trail of entourage wearing the vibrant colors evident in their shoes, hair accessories, bouquets or outfits. Men can attach orange pocket flowers on the lapel of their coat while a royal blue tie goes with their white long sleeves inset. With the royal blue bridesmaid dress, an orange bouquet will look chic and stylish. They can also put a blossom on their hair.

The Chic Blue and Orange Wedding Theme Umbrella Accessory

The bride can change her dress in the reception area. A butterfly sleeved chiffon dress with beaded appliqué is definitely a show-stopper. Make sure to do the second number after the traditional wedding reception ceremony of cake cutting and first dance. The chiffon dress is meant to make the bride move a lot easier around the tables for some “Thank you” and “Congratulations” photos. And who cares if she and the groom even get on with an upbeat dance number? It’s their big blue and orange wedding day anyway.


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Top 5 Caribbean Wedding Destinations

Do you want to declare your vows on the pristine shorelines stretching against the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean? Add a vermilion painted sky on the backdrop and the wedding memories are sure to last a lifetime. Having your wedding vows on one of the Caribbean Islands is worth your time, effort and money. A run through on each of these islands will tell you why.

Couple plus passport

The Bahamas
For one, the Bahamas is in close proximity to the United States translating to easy travel for Americans who want to get married. The island, being a tourist wedding destination, is prepared with competent wedding packages ranging budget. There are spas, nightly entertainment, beach-front resorts and golf resorts where you can hang out after the wedding. The Bahamas is also known for its quick turnaround for marriage licenses.

Shoreline with boats

Dominican Republic
Cobblestone paths make interesting outdoor wedding aisles and that’s exactly what you get if you host your wedding in Dominican Republic. The reception would be everything but boring with the local merengue music and jovial local entertainers. Also, you can have several choices for your wedding – outdoor wedding, classic wedding on 16th century buildings of Spanish architect, river or waterfall wedding.

Caribbean at Night


Book a two-hour plane from Miami to Jamaica and transfer to your booked cruise ship afterwards. Sip in cocktails and enjoy the last days of being single before you have your marriage rites transpire on an outdoor setting, near the Negril Cliffs, Dunn’s River Falls or Mayfield Falls. With all the tourist attractions in Jamaica, time is your only enemy.

Water in between rocks

Puerto Rico
Let your wedding destination embody a tropical glamour on the “Island of Enchantment”, Puerto Rico. Immerse into the tranquillity of the island along with your partner, family and friends. Have your weddings on hotels with private terraces over the clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean. No need for passports and currency exchanges.


If you’re looking for a wedding historical adventure, then you might want to have your wedding on Barbados islands. Have a chic, old-school wedding on Sunbury House, a 300-year old plantation house or on Morgan Lewis Windmill. There are beach wedding packages also readily available for you when you get there.
Having a Caribbean wedding destination simply means you are one fun couple. Think of all the things that you can explore as a new couple – snorkelling, scuba diving, hiking, touring orchards, tasting local cuisines and many more.


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Wedding Flower Feature: Baby’s Breath

Have you ever been to a wedding without flowers? Of course not! Flowers do play a major role in the wedding venue and mood. As much as it contributes much to the overall impression of the wedding, it also eats up a large portion of the budget, especially if you want to have fresh and vibrant flowers on your wedding day. Here’s a secret. If you want to have that elegant, stylish flowery wedding touch without having going overboard with the expenses, then go with Baby’s Breath.

Baby's Breath Styles 1

Gypsophilas (Baby’s Breath) are usually used as bouquet fillers or accents, but they make really graceful and charming wedding flower. Their hidden allure is revealed when they are designed creatively. Baby’s breath are also long-lasting and at the same time, inexpensive. Here are several ways on how you can utilize Gypsophilas on your wedding day.

Baby's Breath Styles 2

Putting together a freshly cut bundle of Baby’s Breath do wonders. Tie it with a flowy white lace for a dainty touch or make a slim rope bundle from the bouquet’s neck until near the stem bottom for a rustic feel. Or, you could make balls out of the flowers and attach a ribbon handle for the flower girls.

Baby's Breath in mason jars

Centertables and Pom-poms
Depending on your theme wedding, there is an appropriate style on how to use Baby’s Breath as center table pieces or pom-poms or hung chandeliers. When used as a center table accent, you can choose the quantity and stem length of the flowers. You could also choose the type of container it’ll have. Will it be tin cans, long-necked bottles or just plant styrofoams? You could also make balls of Gypsophila and hung them around the venue. If you’re feeling fancy, you can put them in mason jars and hung them on strategic places.

Baby's Breath Bouquet + centerpiece

Headdresses and Boutonniere
Match your bridal entourage’s bouquets with headdresses for the women and girls and little boutonnieres for the men and the little big boys. You can have a slim or thick headdress. You could also just use handful of baby’s breath to serve as a braided hair accent. For the boutonniere, you can experiment with other crafts that you can integrate with the baby’s breath. A tiny twine tying around the little boutonniere, perhaps?

Baby's Breath Boutonniere

Typography and Frame Boarders
Have the baby’s breath shaped into your and your partner’s initials. Display it on the venue entrance or even on top of the tables. You can always get other flowers as accents. Experiment with colors and outlining. You could also have a rectangle frame be filled with these Gypsophila. Then, use the frame for photo ops that your guests could enjoy. Just put a handle at the back for an easy grip.


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Top Trendy Styles for Cheongsam Wedding Dresses

Chinese weddings come in big lavish packages. Naturally, the Chinese bride must look ravishing on her cheongsam wedding dress for her big day. Here’s how to look hot and stylish without defying tradition.

The Color Red
More often than not, the characteristic color for a cheongsam wedding dress is red. The color red is auspicious. It’s believed to bring luck, joy and happiness – all the stuff that make for great weddings and marriages. Sometimes, the cheongsam wedding gown highlights an embroidered phoenix, perhaps to throw in more luck.

Top Trendy Style Wedding Veil for Cheongsam Dress

Color Enhancer and Color Departure
Some Chinese brides wear a long ornamental jacket over their dress – usually they use a different color palette like gold or white or blue and black needlework to enhance the color red.

Pink Satin Mini Sheath Cheongsam with Side Slits
A gold cheongsam wedding dress will give a feeling of luxury. Gold is a symbol of fortune and wealth for the couple. Don’t want to use gold as your main color? Use this gorgeous hue for touches of gold embellishment.

Floral Sequined Tulle over Satin Mini Sheath Cheongsam
Daring to go a bit more stylish? Go for a silver cheongsam wedding dress instead. This will make a lustrous and chic wedding. Aside from the sparkle a silver color brings, silver indicates fulfillment and purity. Plus a silver cheongsam wedding dress is a sure ringing stunner.

Rosy pink is more fun and playful than the classical red color. Pink still has the touch of red – luck will still be on your side plus it brings more romance and love.

 Straight Neck Phoenix Patterned Red Satin Mermaid Cheongsam

Go for Elaborate Royalty
The Chinese bride can wear a crown-like veil to accessorize the cheongsam dress. Decorate it with pearls and feathers to represent the phoenix. You can choose to wear this only for posterity and show.

 White Cotton Sheath Cheongsam with Plum Blossom Pattern

Go for Figure-Hugging Knockout Dress
Svelte Chinese brides will look knock out gorgeous in a long form-fitting cheongsam or Qipao wedding gown. You can opt for a mermaid Chinese dress that blends coolly with a crochet lace fabric. This is perfect for an evening wedding. The silhouette will enhance the bride’s slim figure. It highlights a mandarin collar, a cutout at the back of the dress and a traditional Chinese hand-made knot button.

 White Sleeveless Mandarin Lace over Satin Ankle Length Sheath Cheongsam

Go for Sweet-styled Wedding Dresses
Some hip Chinese brides do away with the Mandarin collar. Modern Cheongsam wedding dresses are stylishly designed like red sweetheart or sleeveless brocade, others are straight-neck – the color red and the Chinese design woven in metallic threads will pay homage to Chinese tradition.

Two Toned Floral Sequined Lace over Satin Mermaid Cheongsam


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