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A Brief Introduction to Outdoor Themed Weddings

Planning to get married under the sky or right beneath the stars? Getting married alfresco in your own backyard or in a romantic garden… or in your favorite park… or maybe beside the sea is something really special and beyond compare. But, it also requires a lot of footwork and a great deal of planning. But you can be assured that it’s all going to be worth it. Once you’ve considered all the necessary details, you’re sure to have a breathtaking outdoor wedding.

Outdoor Wedding Tents

First, think of a theme that you want for your outdoor wedding. Is it a camping theme? Beach theme? Country rustic wedding? Backyard wedding? Is it going to be a casual wedding or a formal wedding?

From there, you can decide on what stuff you need to prepare and how you’re going to deck out the place, what type of wedding invitations you’ll make, the dresses and wedding outfit, the food, the cake and the wedding favors.

Outdoor Wedding Trinkets

Whether you decide to go for a formal or casual wedding, setting up tent is important in an outdoor nuptial. Now, make sure you pick out a tent that will weather all kinds of weather. If it’s hot, make sure you have portable fans and AC units. If it’s chilly, make sure you have propane heaters to keep the guests warm. In case the strong winds come or for unexpected rain shower make sure your tents have wall panels.

Outdoor Wedding at Night

Think about the adding floor surfaces so you and your guests won’t stumble on the jagged ground. And of course, make sure you have a backup plan in a nearby indoor restaurant in case the weather goes gaga.

Outdoor Beach Wedding

Another thing you need to consider are the bugs. Shoo them off and don’t let them bother you on your big day. Make sure you dot the place with citronella candles to keep the bugs away. Two days before the wedding, have the place sprayed by an exterminator.

Think about additional knick-knacks you need to complete the look you desire. Like cute and colorful pillow cushions, pretty curtains, beautiful chandeliers and all kinds of funky mood lights. Think paper lanterns, Christmas lights or tea lights hanging on the tree branches. Anything to make the place a comforting and relaxing sight. You can make the place cozy and intimate by putting four people in a table. Bring in the swanky chairs. Who cares if it’s beside the beach?

Outdoor Wedding Food

Finally, choose the food to go with your outdoor wedding. Do you want barbecue? Clambake fest? Whatever it is, make sure your caterer knows what are needed for the site.


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A Brief Introduction to Gray Themed Weddings

Gray-themed weddings are getting all the rage lately. Blame it on 50 Shades of Grey? But smoky hues and gray shades are newfangled ideas for a beautiful modern wedding. Because gray actually works perfectly great with other colors – think gray and pink, gray and purple or gray and yellow or gray and peach. Or maybe, gray and burgundy. Or gray and classic red perhaps— for the romantic vintage look?

Gray and Pink Wedding Introduction
Gray isn’t such a dull color after all when you create a mishmash of accessories to glam it up. Like funky gray shoes with yellow polka dot heels. Or cool gray chucks for the groom’s men. Your bridesmaids can be outfitted with beautiful charcoal gray cocktail dresses or one shoulder full length dresses with draped skirt and bodice. Use rustic sunflowers to brighten up the bridesmaid’s bouquet. Or splash it with pink roses or white hydrangeas. These colors look great with gray as their backdrop.

Gray Bridesmaid Dresses
A pretty soft color palette of something plus gray will make the wedding gorgeous, romantic, unique and hip and a little quirky. But what will make your gray-themed wedding special is how much of your personality is put in there. You’re the funny side? Come up with gray accessories to go with your funny photo booth. Are you the sweet tooth kind? Make sure your dessert table is bedecked with yummy cake pops or exquisite French macaroons that come in gray and the matching color of your choice. And of course, your cake will look absolutely fabulous when it’s laced with colorful icing and trimmings. Make sure you pick out a delish cake as well. It must taste as good as it looks.

Gray Wedding Giveaways
For your table’s floral centerpieces, go for gray hydrangeas in mason jars. Or lovely orchids in glass vases. Throw in some yellow dahlias or all kinds of green leaves to liven up the space. You can go for a personal and lighthearted touch on your wedding with perhaps a bit of a whimsical feel to it. The same thing goes when you spruce up the ceremony place and the reception area.

Gray Wedding Centerpiece
Finally, there’s a plethora of new gray-themed wedding favors in the market these days – and what’s more? You can actually personalize these stuff. From gray and silver soy candles to personalized lip balms to personalized Hershey’s chocolate bars and nuggets and of course, kisses. Now, that’s one fabulous gray-themed wedding.


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A Brief Introduction to Orange Themed Weddings

Thinking of orange as your wedding theme? That means you have an infectious relish for life, you’re fun loving, spontaneous, positively loud, trendy and full of energy. Bursts of orange mean bursts of vibrant energy. So get on and get giddy about planning your orange-themed wedding. It is surely going to be loads of fun and cheer.

Orange Weddings Introductory Photo
Decide whether you’re going for an all orange theme or orange with a matching color. Like orange and brown or orange and green, or orange or yellow and yes, orange and blue. What shade of orange will you choose? Bright citrus orange or the tangerine hue? If you’re planning a cute wedding, then go for bright orange with splashes of pink and yellow.

An Orange Beach Wedding

If you want the classic rustic wedding, the chic subdued tangerine hue with brown is perfect.Whether it’s a cheery orange wedding loaded with lots of quirky knickknacks or a non-traditional barn wedding with splashes of orange, choosing the decorations and picking out the flowers for the wedding ceremony to the bouquets is going to be as easy as orange pumpkin pie. Orange balloons, orange flowers, orange paper lanterns and orange fruits!

Orange Weddings Rustic Theme
Orange is a great color for brides who think outside the box. Oh what fun it must be to walk down the aisle in a pair of funky orange shoes. Or choose peep-toe shoes and don orange colored toe nails. The wedding party can opt to wear cute orange cocktail length strapless nu-georgette dresses with draped bodice and peplum. Oh so stylish and oh so pretty. The possibilities are endless.

Orange Wedding Shoes
Choosing a venue for an orange themed wedding is just as fun – orange usually exudes wind and the sun and even gorgeous sunsets. Most orange-themed weddings go for cliff top setting, or a beach side or beach barbecue wedding. Top it off with wine tasting and lots of champagne and good food. From the ceremony to the reception, it will surely be a celebration of vibrant colors and fun touches.

Orange Wedding Cake

An orange-themed wedding cake seems fun – what’s not to fall in love with butter cream cake with orange cake toppers, orange garden roses and orange cake flowers. One can only imagine what kind of dessert table an orange themed wedding will offer. Orange cupcakes, orange cake pops and orange macaroons. For the wedding favors, go for edible orange candies. If you’re going for the barn wedding, pack an orange marmalade in a cute jar.


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A Brief Introduction to White Themed Weddings

Classic and elegant. Simple yet versatile. An all-white wedding is definitely stunning. Whether you’re going for the vintage look or the modern wedding, an all-white themed wedding is guaranteed to wow everyone. The color white creates a dreamy delicate effect – white is something soulful…something ethereal…something fresh.

White Wedding Venue and Table Setting

A pure white wedding dress with a soft spray of silver and gold or ivory will surely exude a dramatic feel to it. The groom can wear a white tuxedo for ultimate elegance and style. Or go a bit more subdued by letting him don a gray suit with white buttonholes.
The bridesmaids and your wedding party can pull off a pure white look as well. Let them wear cocktail dresses, or short-length dresses – the frilly kind or the sophisticated kind. Add metallic accessories to spruce up their pretty white dresses. Why not add drama and flair to the wedding ceremony, by riding in a white fairytale horse-drawn carriage?

White and Red Wedding Gown

Sprucing up the place is going to be easy — white flowers and white roses are a plenty. Go for calla lilies, orchids and paper whites and gypsophilia. For your dining tables, think white lacy table cloths, sleek white chairs. Consider white candles as centerpieces.

White Table Cloths

Decorate the tree branches with white birdcages, white paper lanterns, white ribbons or white feathers. Add texture and variety by infusing metals and glasses to the ornaments. Or add an accent color to your white stuff – something not too far away from your white theme – something like silver.
Sometimes a minimal look is perfect for an all white-themed wedding.Go for extra large lanterns and simple flower centerpieces. For the funky newfangled all white wedding theme, bring in the white balloons to deck out the dessert table. Trim the table with lots of white sweets — white macaroons, white-laced cupcakes, white cake pops or white cotton candy.

White Wedding Cake with Crystals

The all white wedding cake will be a perfect show-stopper when iced and decorated with pretty white details – edible pearl beads, Swarovski-like edible crystals, lovely dainty edible white icing flowers.
Your invitation cards will look classy and lively by adding silver texts or white lace edges or silver ribbons. Go white all the way to the wedding menu – serve clear drinks. For the food, go for white meat – in white sauce. Talk to your caterer and together come up with a creative white delish wedding meal.

White Wedding Invitation

For the party favors, try white jelly beans wrapped in sheer white organza bag or white mint chocolate candies in a glass mason jar tied up with a white ribbon.


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5 Braided Wedding Hairstyles That You’ll Love

You’ve finally ironed out all the big wedding details – guest lists, caterers, reception venue, your wedding dress. But, wait. Have you decided on your hairstyle yet? The hair could pull everything together from your jewelry to your wedding dress to your shoes. However, it could also shatter the whole look. To make your look perfect during your big day, get inspiration from these 5 braided wedding hairstyles below.

The messy braid bun
Aside from exuding sexiness and romance in the air, this messy braid bun ‘do will keep your hair in place, making this choice a practical one for beach weddings or summer weddings. To make your look sweeter, you can do a combination of pinned tendrils and plaits or you can weave in some fresh flowers, studs or feathers.

The Messy Braid Bun

The low-braided side fishtail
For a dainty bride donning a long hair, the low-braided side fishtail would magnify her endearing persona. The intricate braiding plus the wispy bits at the front whispers an enchantingsensation. The secret to this hairstyle is to give the braid a loose look for a casual flair. To go bohemian, just pull apart the braid gently.

The Low-Braided Side Fishtail

The waterfall braid
If you are going for a barn wedding or any other easy-themed wedding, then a waterfall braid would be the best choice. You should have at least shoulder-length hair for this hairstyle to work. The fun part with waterfall braids is that you can do a lot of varieties with it. You can interlock laces and studded strings with your braid or you can just put little embellishments on your hair.

The Waterfall Braid

The braided crown
For a classic, vintage goddess look, you can have braided crowns on your wedding day. The look would remind you of cherubs, medieval women and bohochics. This style is perfect for thick-haired women and to those who wants to keep their tresses out of their faces during the whole event. However, if you’re hair is thin, but you want to fashion this ‘do, you can always buy hair extensions and clip on braids.

The Braided Crown

The sleek low bun braid

If you are sophisticated and classy bride, you obviously need a hairstyle that would match your personality. What suits you better than this sleek low bun braid? None of the other hairstyles, of course. This neat and chic style would give emphasis on your neck and shoulders, hence it is an appropriate style if you’re going to wear a tube wedding dress. This would make you look regal.

The Sleek Low Bun Braid


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A Brief Introduction to Jewish Themed Weddings

The Jewish wedding couple has to be very cautious when selecting a wedding date. It is prohibited in Jewish tradition to have a wedding ceremony on Shabbat and festivals. Also no Jewish weddings are held during the counting of omer between passover and shavuot. Wedding ceremonies are also prohibited during three weeks between 17th of Tammuz and Tisha B’Av.

Jewish Weddings with Families

the Jewish couple thus has to keep a strict check on the accurate Jewish calender when deciding their wedding date. One other difficulty when planning a Jewish themed wedding is that according to the Jewish law, wedding ceremonies are prohibited from sundown on Friday night to sundown on Saturday. due to this many couples try to choose a Saturday at sundown so that the wedding ceremony can began with ‘havadalah’.

Jewish Bride with Veils

If the wedding is to be held on a Saturday the Rabbi will start the ceremony until the sun has set. The bride and groom can start their ceremony with a light cocktail party so that they can enjoy they can entertain their guests until the sun is down and it is time for the wedding ceremony to began. Some Jewish couples also decide to keep the ceremony on Tuesday as this day is considered to be a holy day by the Jews.

Israel's Jewish Wedding in 1903

Selecting a Rabbi, who can perform the wedding ceremony, is also an important task and can be a difficult one for some couples as well. Engaged couples who are not formally affiliated with the Jewish community can have difficulty in finding a Rabbi who can lead their wedding ceremony. in such cases the couple’s parents can select a Rabbi from their congregation regardless of whether the couple knows them or not. However if the couple has a particular Rabbi in mind it is essential that they get a date fixed with him as soon as possible.

Jewish Wedding

In the traditional Jewish wedding ceremony there no double no double ring ceremony instead only the groom gives the bride a ring. This is thought to symbolize ‘kinyan’ (acquisition). The Jewish law also uses a ‘ketubah’ to authorize Jewish weddings. This is just like the marriage licences that the government issues. Ketubah mean writing or written and it is signed by the witnesses and is usually read during the ceremony. Traditionally this document was treated as a pre-martial contract and contained the bride’s rights such as her food, clothing, etc. it also specified what rights the bride should have in case of her husband’s death or divorce.

jewish traditional weddings

In a Jewish weddings kippots are arranged forthe guests. Many couples choose to have their names and wedding dates printed on them. Some couples also have them decorated to match the decoration of their wedding. The Jewish wedding is incomplete without the breaking of the glass at the end of the ceremony. some couples these days also save some pieces of this glass and keep it as a memoir.


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A Brief Introduction to Japanese Themed Weddings

Modern Japanese wedding ceremonies are celebrated in many different ways. Many of these have both traditional Japanese and Western norms side by side. In the past Japanese wedding ceremonies took place in Shinto Shrines. Many of the Japan’s wedding sites still provide shrines for couples who want to follow the traditional Japanese wedding theme. Many Japanese couples these days, want to amalgamate Christian, Buddhist and Shinto customs on their weddings.

traditional japanese wedding

Many Japanese couples get married by Shinto, Buddhist or Christian priest in a wedding hall. The couple usually choose to wear three different types of outfits- the traditional Japanese kimonos, Western bridal gowns and tuxedo and western style party apparel on their wedding day. the traditional Japanese bride’s wedding kimono has a white hood attached to it and the bride has to wear it like a veil in order to conceal her horns of jealousy from the mother of the groom.

Japanese Modern Wedding

Traditional grooms wear black Kimonos to the wedding ceremony. Most Japanese weddings take place in spring and fall as these seasons are seen as fortunate seasons to begin a union. Some wedding anniversaries are thought to be lucky and so many newly wed couples are seen going for their honeymoons on the same days.

Japanese Traditional Wedding Styles

Japanese bride is painted pure white from head to toe to declare her maiden standing to gods. To draw good luck the bride wears an intricate headpiece that is covered with a lot of ornaments.There are only a few guests present at the wedding ceremony. There are no bridesmaids or groomsmen at the traditional Japanese wedding ceremonies.

Traditional Japanese Wedding Hairstyle for Brides

However the japanese traditions have a special place for the ‘Nakoudo’ couple. The couple make their first entrance along with the nakoudo couple. The nakoudo couple can be friends who introduced the couple or any other couple that is close with the wedding couple.

In arranged marriages the matchmakers are usually the nakodo couple. making entrance with the nakodo couple signifies that the marriage will prove to be a prosperous one as a couple outside the family supports it. After the announcements of the bride and groom the couple’s family, friends, colleagues give speeches. According to the Japanese custom one has to tell a moralistic tale or sing praises for the significance of marriage.

Japanese Traditional Wedding

After the wedding ceremony the newly wed couple welcomes all the guests at the reception party that is held after the wedding ceremony. 20 to 200 guests are commonly present at the wedding reception, these include family, relatives, close friends and co workers of the bride and the groom.

The party usually starts with the bride and groom’s introduction. A meal is also served at the reception. The bride is initially dressed in a red kimono and then later changes to a western dress. At the end of the party a speech is made by the couple for all the guests who are present at their wedding.


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A Brief Introduction to Red Wedding Themes

Red is the color of love and passion. When the color red is chosen for a wedding theme it is considered as the color red evokes and induces the feeling of love and passion. However, it is very daring and exciting to select a red wedding theme as it is the sign that the bride wants to try something new and different rather than usual. The color red is considered as a charm of good luck and good fortune therefore many Asian wedding revolves around the color red hence; red wedding themes.

Red and Black Wedding Themes

The choice of red wedding theme is bold and mature as it can be seen from the wedding attire to the decorations. It also adds a spice to the occasion and hotness as well. An individual can arrange a lot of things with the color red for a wedding as this are a color which can outstand solely as well as with the combination of different colors. But it can show more energy and vigor when it is put up solely. The main reason is that this red color is so vibrant that when used, it provides immense and enormous impacts regardless of how and in what ways it is used. An individual can either combine or tone down or use it solely in order to make it look good.

Red Elements in Wedding Decorations

However, mostly the color red is used as accent for the color white. Also, it is livelier when combined with pink or purple. Therefore, the bride must wear the red colored dress as she will be the centre of attention on the special occasion. Although, it is a daring yet exciting move to wear a red colored dress but it adds the charm of beauty to the occasion as well as to the bride.

Bridesmaid with Red Dresses

Also, there are numerous types of flowers which are in red and can make the occasion livelier with their presence on every table. Red will add spice, hotness, and a bit of romance into the occasion. The color is perfect when used with white or pink or purple to get the best result.

Red Flowers for Wedding

Even though it is considered to be a very bold move to go for a red wedding theme but it is certainly fun to work with this color as many creative ideas can come up to an individual’s mind to make the special day more special by using it in many different ways. Hence in a nutshell, red is always best.


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A Brief Introduction to Celtic Wedding Themes

Nature is very important in Celtic weddings. They have faith that the soul lives inside and outside a person. The soul can be discerned in the sun, the waters, the rocks, the trees. People and the world are entwined and knotted to the earth’s spirit.

Celtic Wedding Theme by the Lake

Celtic weddings are significant and meaningful. Their conviction regarding marriage is something momentous, they don’t take marriage lightly – marriage is believed to be a coming together of two souls, two minds and two hearts. Couples can take Celtic beliefs, traditions and symbols and feature them in their wedding ceremonies.

If you’re thinking of a Celtic wedding, find a venue near a lake or a river – they believed the Celtic gods favor marriages near a water source. After the ceremony, the guests are given small pebbles and cast them into the water while making a wish for the happiness of the newlyweds.

Celtic Wedding Outfit

Most modern wedding traditions are actually Celtic in nature. A bride must wear something old to signify connection to family, something new for fortune, something borrowed to represent friendship, something blue for luck, and a penny in her shoe, of course to have a financially well off union.

But the Celtic wedding attire is really unique on its own. Colored bridal gowns and plaid kilts for men. The bridal entourage can even wear plaid. If you want a traditional Celtic wedding, pair the plaids in soft hues of greens and other pastels. If you’re getting married in winter, go for deep burgundy and navy blues and dark greens – these colors are great for a plaid-themed attire.

Celtic Wedding Flowers

Make sure your bouquet comes with a spray of shamrock to make it truly Celtic. Look for wild flowers found in the area, bells of Ireland, heather and hydrangea are perfect choices for a Celtic wedding bouquet.

Celtic Wedding Theme Cake

The Celtic wedding cake is an arrangement of light and dark layers. The topmost tier is normally made of heavy plum or fruitcake iced with marzipan or white icing. Couples usually keep the top layer of their wedding cake and serve it on their first anniversary or during their first born’s christening.
The best part of a Celtic wedding is the blessing that the priest pronounces after the ceremony – it’s a wonderful prayer that anyone can share with someone special…

May the road rise to meet you
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
The rain fall soft upon your fields.
And, until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of his hand.


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A Brief Introduction to Muslim Themed Weddings

Planning a Muslim-themed wedding? Expect food, lots of good food and oodles of lavish rituals and celebrations. And well, an elegant bridal dress and loads of glitzy opulent jewelry. And oh yeah, eggs. Lots of them. Eggs are presented to the couple as a sign of fertility —that’s how the guests congratulate the bride and groom. In some Muslim weddings, an egg is broken during the reception to symbolize luck for the couple.

Muslim Wedding Introductory Photo

Most Muslim weddings have deep purple or shades of purple as their wedding color motif. Maybe because purple symbolizes royalty. A classic and stylish combination would be purple and white or magenta and white.

Muslim Wedding Jewelry

A Muslim bride will definitely look regal and lovely in an elegant lace mermaid Muslim wedding dress with a pinkish hue or a long sleeved gown with a high neckline or an exquisite stomacher neck. Usually after the ceremony, the bride changes into another kind of elaborate gown prettified with pearls and gold and jewels. At the end of the celebration, expect the bride to be held in the air like a queen until she is returned to the arms of her groom.

Muslim Casual Wedding Dress

Make sure the shutterbugs are ready, as the bride puts her henna on. Ensure that the bride has done the necessary scrubbing and waxing needed before henna application. Make sure the nails have been painted as well. Applying henna on the bride is a tedious process but will surely bring delight. Just be careful not to smudge the henna all over the bride.

As soon as the ceremony ends, the feast begins with the walimaa wedding celebration that sometimes lasts for two full days. This is when the oodles of food start rolling and oh the candy-covered almonds and other sweets.

Muslim Wedding Henna Tattoo

In some Muslim weddings, the mother of the groom presents the bride with sweets. The bride is usually veiled; this is the time when she may show her face. Then the mother of the groom ties an imam zamin — a gold coin wrapped in silk — around the bride’s right arm as a symbol of prosperity.

After the feast, a thin piece of cloth is placed over the couple. Underneath the sheet, the bride and the groom share sips of spicy yogurt – borhani. Then the couple looks at the mirror and affirms a romantic declaration to each other and to the people. Then they exchange flower garlands. In recent times, the custom of exchanging of rings has been added up to the rite.


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