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Happily Ever After Wedding

There are only four things that should be considered when you dream of a happily ever after fairy tale wedding: a majestic setup, a carriage, a huge cake and a full blown wedding gown.

Not everyone can afford a castle that it is only right for couples who opt for the royal wedding to make the setting however small or big the venue is, be filled with frills that represent the theme. Be creative.

It is important that every detail like the floral setup and the lighting that include candles, candelabras that are frequently met in fairy tales are present and do not forget the chandelier on the dance floor.

The wedding cake should be by all means striking like this one. Your guests will be looking for this so it better be best like your dress.

Having a carriage, complete with a horseman and a footman is easy nowadays because they can be rented.

However, no fairy tale wedding can be materialized without the presence of a tiara or a crown on the bride’s do. This detail is one of the most important that it would not matter if it came from a royal relative or bought at a wedding website. Having one is a must.

Frills, fun and forever must be spelled by your wedding shoes because even this will have a close up photograph on your wedding day.

The oh, so fabled fairy tale wedding gown must live up to its status having intricate embellishments and sophisticated details. You can add up baroque and royalty to that so your happily ever after wedding will finally come true.


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Traditional Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses of today are the epitome of wisdom, craftsmanship and passion just like the olden designs where cultures and tribes are using up to this day. The ingenuity of these pieces has traveled their way to centuries and countless brides have worn these traditional garments.

The Hindu wedding includes a variety of rituals that is carried out on the day of the union. They call the wedding dress sari for the bride which is typically in vibrant colors like deep red, gold, silver, maroon, bright blue and purple.

The accessories worn by the bride including the henna that is painted on her hands and the jewelries, lots of them are one of the most luxurious dress-up in the world. All the jewelries owned by the bride and her family both heirlooms and newly bought ones are flaunted during the big day.

The Chinese cheongsam rather have the gold trimmings and floral designs in a glossy fabric that is usually in red.

The African bubba as what they call the bride’s wedding attire is a four piece number that has a top, skirt, shawl and the headdress. These are presented in colors and symbols that characterizes their tribe to point out which part of Africa they came from.

The checkered kilt of the groom is matched with the embellishment on the bride’s gown. It is a tradition in Scotland for the marrying couple to both wear skirts during the wedding.

The Korean bride has a ceremonial dress called the hanbok which is a ball gown having an empire waistline. This is usually created with living colors as the bride wears the circular headdress.

The Japanese kimono is a huge favorite not just of the ancient people and the traditional but the modern fans as well because the contemporary rendition of this is widely used by many races.

The traditional wedding dresses in each culture is unique and the craftsmanship dates back to eras before us that valuing it today is an honor.


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