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Celebrity Marriages that Stood the Test of Fame versus Love

They said that love and fame cannot be together in one place that for the celebrity couples to stand firm as husband and wife is more of a warfare than a fairy tale. Basing on the divorce rate that have occurred since show business have started, we could say that a handful of them succeeded. The following are the thriving unions that are wonderfully around still.


Of course a rock star deserves to have a supermodel as his wife but no one really would have thought the marriage will last for 20 years to this day. It is really astounding how love works with David Bowie and Iman belonging in two different worlds but bound as one.

Celine Dion and husband, Rene Angelil

The marriage of Celine Dion and Rene Angelil is one of those relationships that people raise their eyebrow on but you see, love can never be explained that despite forecasts of divorce, they stayed glued on each other’s arms.

Sting and Trudy Styler Wedding

31 is quite a good number of years of togetherness for this couple. Sting and Trudy Styler have always indicated that one of the most important parts of marriage is sex.  Maybe this is how they made it beyond the constant brush of fame that they are still together up to this instance and going strong.

Famous-Celebrity-Wedding-Marriage-Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea

Dorothea Hurley is always the woman in John Bongiovi’s eyes and it has been going on since they are in high school. Well, everyone wants to have a really sweet lady for a wife and a romantic rock star for a husband.

Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill Marriage

Still going country strong for Faith Hill and Tim McGraw on their 16 years of marriage which they alleged is still here because of respect.

Famous-Celebrity-Wedding-Marriage-Ozzie Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne

Who would not know Sharon’s Ozzy and Ozzy’s Sharon? For 30 years, they are still together because they have moved mountains with their love for each other thinking about what they have gone through.  They still have the hoots for each other regardless of, yes, their age, and the chaos that came to destroy their union. But you see, love works even for Ozzy.


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Union of the Icons: World Famous Marriages

Weddings are always grand as they should be because it is the celebration of nothing less than love and life. Some weddings are kept private, some are just like every other marriage but there are some that have created a phenomenon in history that no one could ever forget.


On 29th July 1981, a faithful day that united Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles of Wales is the moment that has etched a monumental union that is remembered even now. Although it did not last because of controversies, the alleged divorce and finally the demise of the beautiful Diana, this wedding will always be committed to memory  as a fairy tale that came to life.


Jacqueline, a fashion icon and John F. Kennedy, president of the United States were married on a lovely day in 1961. The beaming couple is witnessed to be filled with love and devotion for each other. It lasted only for 2 years though because of the assassination of John.


Grace Kelly’s, a legendary actor, marriage to Prince Rainier III created a media stir not because of its royalty alone but because of the spectacular wedding dress and the equally famed veil that each designer have made their rendition of.


The great actress Audrey Hepburn was married to Mel Ferrer  also an actor in 1954.


And who could forget John and Yoko? Well, the marriage ended in the tragic death of The Beatles’ front man John Lennon but no one can ever shrug the interracial union and the affection that this two love birds have taught the world.

Celebrated marriages could not last that long because of too many divergent forces but  we could always say that on that day, there was real love.




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Wedding Gowns to Die For

There are wedding dresses that you cannot help but blurt out silly words when you see them, there are also those that will make you say nothing at all because it captures everything that you would expect from such but there are bridal gowns where you could affirm that they are the best that you will ever see in your entire life and they are nothing short of an art piece that is made by the hands of the superior being himself. These are the wedding gowns TO DIE FOR!


Lace is always a beauty in every design but in this wedding gown it becomes celestial not because of the fabric alone but of the design, the craftsmanship and the magic it creates when rolled as one.


The grandiose of ruffles and the majesty of the pickups can be present at any gown but in these pieces, the flare, brilliance and viciousness of art and passion combined made them stand on the apex of grace and glamour.



The masterpieces done with meticulous details and the mission to arrive at something that a designer visualizes is what stirs the hands and the heart to create divinity like these.


Surely you have seen designs that are somewhat similar to these pieces before but you have never seen one appear this way. You have definitely never have seen anything that have made your eyes grow that wide the very first time you had a glimpse of it. Surely you have never seen a dress like these that you would be ready to die for.



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Back to Back Bewitchment

The details that the bride would give her attention to in choosing the wedding dress to be paraded on the altar should not only be focused on the front but have a breathtaking back view as well. Remember that during the ceremony three quarter of the time will be spent showing your back and even when you are about to throw the bouquet during the reception.

Here are the most promising backs of the year.


Bella Swan’s modified portrait back trimmed with lace and gloriously crossed with aligned covered   buttons is the feature that marked the minds of the Twilight Saga’s fans.


This gown on the other hand is obviously a masterpiece that no one can turn their back from.

Claire Pettibone S2013 Collection

The vintage with this back is not only sweet but feisty with the translucent lace back amplified by the floral gilded draping ribbons on the shoulders.


This sequin and rhinestone flanked bare back should be worn by brides that is proud of their rear side because they truly deserve beauty such as this.


Dare to expose it all if you wish for it on your wedding day because no one will have the courage to say a thing if you wear the white dress elegantly.


And what will be the use of having a grand reception if your gown is not heavily ruffled down to the tip of the royal train?


Medieval wedding gowns can only be successful if it is fluffed to the fullest and has a magnificent back side.


And you will never be wrong if you choose to have the gentlest fabric for a wedding gown splashed with precious stones and sequins on the electric pleated, leafy patterned layers from front to back to your heart’s content.

The back side maybe underrated most of the time but today, they will change your mind.





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Christmas Wedding: Celebrating Love on the Joyous Time of the Year

The sound of the Christmas carols, the chilly winter air, the glistening trees and the happiness that abounds on the happiest season of the year can be infectious that Christmas weddings take place.  The bridal gowns on this realm are inspired from everything that is Christmassy.

The Angel

christmas wedding dress3

Derived from the most popular symbol of hope and peace, this wedding gown is made in pure white with the feathery cloak to give an angelic aura as one of the prominent features on the Christmas tree.


Santa Claus

christmas wedding dress4

The bearded man that rides a sleight pulled by them speedy reindeer makes kids happy and even the brides of Christmas wants their dresses to be drawn from the well loved Santa’s red, white and black motif.


The Christmas Tree

christmas wedding dress1

Who does not love the Christmas tree? All of the houses have their own version of this as well as the women that plan to get married in the season of cheers.


The Gift

christmas wedding dress2

Inspired from the act of giving and sharing during the Christmas Eve this wedding gown is adorned with an over-sized bow sash to capture the spirit. The bride would usually have her ensemble as a wrapped gift for the symbolic offering of herself to her husband to-be. The purity of this intention is a commendable act especially during this time of the year.


The Nutcracker

christmas wedding gown

This wedding gown is inspired from the ballerina under the Christmas tree that is well liked by the little girls and this time by the senora who will say I do.


The Mistletoe

green wedding dress

Wearing this as a wedding gown could make the bride all worthy to be given the first kiss on the moment she is proclaimed Mrs. Right.


These ensembles are all taken from the blissful things of Christmas where even at the altar, these can very well represent the season and the woman with a high regard for joyful things.



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Loved and Loaded Brides: The Story of Pregnancy in a Wedding Gown

No one can ever measure what love can do. It can make the impossible possible because of its unending search for ways that will bring it to the sought after end. This is the reason why weddings take place. This is the reason why no matter what situations would take the marrying couple to, they see it as bliss. Just like all the beautiful brides striding their way to the altar to achieve the utmost proof of love which is getting married, conveying them the feeling of ecstasy; FYI, the pregnant one feels double.

pregnant bride

They experience twice the happiness because the bride is carrying another person which is the proof of life based on the love that she and the groom share. Isn’t it lovely two times?


Self confidence is never an issue here because when you are asked for marriage even if you are pregnant, you will feel that you are the most beautiful girl in the world.


You can have your wedding gown with shirr detail on the baby bump having the empire cut  or you can wear it loud and proud with the sheath silhouette.


Pregnancy is a blessing more than anything else and having an angel in your tummy when you wear the white dress is heaven.


So be the lovely bride with your little bundle of joy and celebrate passion and verve to the highest point.


Because love is unfathomable, sometimes brides could have a bigger tummy than usual and be a bit lovelier.






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Wintry White Wedding Wish

The white wedding that you wished to have in your life is literally the soft and supple snow in winter. You set the date on the wintry month with the hope that you could walk down the white vastness with your most loved. This wish will now come true as exact as what you hoped for and as vivid as what you dreamed of it to be.

winter wedding ideas2

You always liked the furry hat that matches your hair and the skin that your mom and dad have given you. You opt for the glittery white cloak that wraps your body just like your man that never leaves you.

winter wedding gown

The best girls in your life will play with you on this very day in dresses that are alike but yours only white.

winter wedding bride bridesmaid

Every drop of the cottony and cold snow will mean happiness for the groom and you. Every howl of the wintry air seems the promise that this will linger without end.  The feathers in your hair will always be the very best trimming even time bypasses.

winter-wedding-hair-pieceThe snowflakes all of them you adore; the leafless tress all of them you look for.

winter wedding bride

And you celebrate your union in an iridescent chapel that you promise forever. They are truly divine that heaven seems so near.

winter wedding venue ice hotel

Your wintry wedding wish in its crest is what you pray for because you believe that love is on fire even the coldest season, even in the cosmic ice and even in places where love is less expected.winter-wedding-venue


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Renewing the Vows: Saying I Do Again and Again

Who said that you cannot get married over and over again? With the same person whom you promised love and forever, every year is worth it because it is a tangible truth that love has no bounds and forever is every day.

Renewing your vows for each other and reaffirming the love that binds two people to stay strong despite crisis and chaos is a good consolation for the effort you both have exerted through the years. So it is only right to celebrate it and honor each other for faithfulness and togetherness.

Well, we can say that kids could bring about both hard core screw ups and pure joy but wearing the white dress once again can give us pride and esteem for ourselves.

They say that “love is expressed more in deeds than words” that it would be more solid if it is written down on paper and sealed. It really does not matter how many times you get married. Some would do it every 25 years, other on their golden anniversary while those who are filled with love it even goes out of their noses, celebrate the renewal of the vows like every 5 years.

Marriage is a union where both parties say their “I do” and give out a promise on that ceremony to love their spouse for as long as they live. The realization of that promises will create a strong bond between these people and the renewal of the vows will be a lovely occasion.


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Sweet and Sunny Beach Wedding

Nothing can top a beach wedding when it comes to raw fun. The waves and the sand are spellbinding that make brides even in their most superb wedding gowns go barefoot running into the water. Romance by all means can be expressed to the maximum level if there is freedom.

You really do not need a lot of flounce on weddings on the beach because the place is beautiful as it is that it requires just little finishing touches to personalize it. Messages and invitations in a bottle with strings and starfish embellishments are simple but charming.

The flowers will surely be damaged by the furious wind on the seashore so the idea of putting them in tall glass vases with crystal beads and flower boxes to give them a strong grip is a good strategy. Pouring the petals on the aisle that follows the wind and the bride is as well a nice detail.

Beach wedding receptions can be set on the shore itself with or without a tent. The decors can be as easy as scattering seashells on the table and putting minimal, random floral elements.

For the beach wedding cake; corals, sand, beach loungers, seashells, seaweeds and pearls made of sugar icing are the usual picks.

The bride’s footwear when it comes to destination weddings has evolved from slip-ons to flip flops and now barefoot sandals which is an exciting feature suitable for sandy scurries.

Leave a box of flip-flops at the entrance on the reception so the guests could pick their size and join the fun.

The sweetness in the sun is always remembered in photos so do not forget to have a good photographer to capture the precious times.

Being married on the beach is not only present pure elation with its natural wonder but also perfect place to celebrate true love.




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Wedding Hairstyles for Brides

The best of you is expected on your wedding day and aside from the wedding gown that occupies a large percentage of your look, your hair must be worthy to be called your crowning glory. Here are the bridal dos that you can choose from whether you have long, medium or short hair.

The classic bun is a massive favorite of brides because of its serene and elegant impression the same way for the wavy and natural look that is by all means fit for a woman to be married.

For the vintage bride, either you take it tidily or pull them up relaxed with ancient hair combs, it will look gorgeous.

For the avid fans of fairy tales, there is a choice to either fluff it up or comb it neat and clean with prim curls.

Even if you have the long locks that is commendable to let down or just a little of it, all brides are beautiful, you bet.

For the bohemian aficionados whether you let your hair as it is with a floral accent, or pony-tailed with braids and stones, no one that can stop the most important celebrant of the big day.

Whether you are a Gothic bride or a goddess, your wedding day hair is always for you to decide.

And even if you opt for a medieval hairdo or a modern bride hairstyle, the odds will be eliminated because what your idea of a perfect coiffure is the finest. There are no bad hair days in weddings only good vibes and bliss.



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